Commentary: Gov’s proposal good for Mass.

الخيارات الثنائية منصة ينظم All of the efforts that Gov. Deval Patrick is pushing for the state represent what many other governors failed to do: engage the community, be present in government and put forth proposals to help Massachusetts succeed.

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المكافآت Gov. Patrick has a strong work ethic and good intentions. He’s an intelligent individual and I have no doubt that the majority of the policy plans he backs will be in accordance with doing the right thing for Massachusetts. His efforts to put forth legislation to bring casinos to the Commonwealth and enhance earth sciences and the biomedical field are tremendous. I appreciate the fact that we have a governor helping to provide resources to move the state forward. Regarding the field of science, Patrick’s plan will help in the well-needed research for diseases that are still incurable. The economy will grow, creating jobs that will remain in-state and students will have an extra job market to head into after graduation.

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الخيارات الثنائية قبرص شركة As for casinos, I think they are a great idea. Casinos will bring jobs, tourism and much-needed income flowing into the state. So many local municipalities, towns and cities complain that funding has been cut due to money going out of the state, through the Iraq war and a number of other funding gaps.


أخبار Many arguments have surfaced regarding the casinos. House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi thinks the state will run itself into the ground; however, people are not going to throw themselves into debt because of the casinos. Following that logic, we may as well do away with scratch tickets or alcohol, which many people spend their entire paychecks on. I worked a temp job during the school break, and received a pretty nice piece of change. I could have easily gambled it away, but the responsibility is within knowing that I will need those funds for something more important, so I put it into my savings account.

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انظر هذا الموقع In short, it appears it may only be a matter of time before casinos come into this state – the challenge for government is to be involved now to reap the rewards later. And as Patrick has said, the revenue won’t be the be all and end all for creating jobs and bringing in revenue, but it is a start.

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