Last-minute costume ideas

Last-minute  costume ideas موقع اوريدو الكويت للاسهم By Marian Daniells, News Staff

تداول اسهم الراجحي Broke, out of funds and just got a text inviting you to the most insane costume rager of the fall semester? Here are some ideas for the procrastinated costume. Dig through friends’, roommates’ and neighbors’ closets. Then head out for an evening of festive partying and fun

كيف تربح المال مع الأسهم For the eclectic food junkie: Deviled Egg

see Paint (or tape) a yellow circle onto a white shirt. Then pair this sunny-side-up shirt with devil horns and a pitchfork. Voila, instant deviled egg. Sprinkle with paprika, as needed.

بيع الاسهم ايبان source link For the seasoned walk-of-shame-er: Risky Business سعر الذهب Pair some short shorts (ladies) or boxers (boys) with an oversized white button-down and sunglasses. Add some tube socks and a candlestick-slash-microphone and rock out all night. To really milk it, dramatically slide into rooms

here For the party veterans: Guidette/Guido

Girls, create a masterful hair pouf with the help of a fine-toothed comb and a can of hairspray. Then don the shortest, tightest skirt and some five-inch heels and hook arms with the closest guido. Guys, spike up your hair and wear a super-tight muscle tee. Ham it up by acting extra sloppy.

follow For the classy couple: Millionaire and trophy wife

Gents, show off that super-fly co-op suit. Ladies, show of a little somethin’ somethin’ in a fancy dress and elegant makeup. For extra effect, stuff the suit pockets with Monopoly money and be sure to stick out those pinkies whenever taking a sip (of water). Didn’t get an invite to any parties? Go as the “Real Housewives” White House party-crashers and show up uninvited.

source link For the cult-ish couple: Rocky Horror

For especially confident guys, don a gold speedo … and nothing else. It’s Rocky of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” For extra kudos, spray all exposed skin with oil and make awkward noises. For a pair costume, bring a girl decked head to toe in black with bright red lipstick. She can be the lips from the movie.

go to site For the comfort buff: Trucker

Wear one of those super-comfy flannel shirts and pair it with baggy jeans and a trucker hat. Boys, go without shaving for a few days ahead of time. Girls, use brown eyeshadow or eyeliner to create a five o’clock shadow. For extra oomph, stuff a pillow under your shirt as a beer belly.

شراء سهم For the indecisive party-goer: Lady Gaga

Yes, there are countless pre-made Gaga costumes out there already, but making an original is easy. Just collect the most eclectic tutus and tiaras and neon whozits and whatzits galore. Then put it all on and don some crazy glitter eye makeup. This costume is just as effective for guys, too, considering Gaga is kind of gender ambiguous. For “That Guy”: UPS Delivery Man

For guys only. Wear all brown, head to toe, and walk around with a clipboard telling people where they can pick up their package. For the earthy couple: Adam and Eve

This winner is super easy and sure to create a stir. Staple some of that fall foliage to underwear. Beware of leaves falling off throughout the night.

follow site For the kid at heart: Quail Man

Always a classic. Layer tighty whiteys over khaki shorts, throw on a sweater with a cut-out Q and finish with a belt headband and towel cape. For the full effect, find a friend with a dog and offer to take it for a walk at no charge, or just use a stuffed animal. Even more points if the dog is in costume as Quail Dog, too.

أسعار الذهب اليوم For the super-lazy bum: Werewolf

Don everyday clothes and be a werewolf. Because there’s no full moon this weekend, werewolves wouldn’t be transformed, get it? For the still-recovering-from-yesterday’s-party lazy bum: Harry Potter

No need to even get dressed. Just tell friends that Harry Potter decided to wear his invisibility cloak tonight, sit back at home and nurse his lingering hangover with a pint of butterbeer.

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