Crime Log: April 9-April 17 Monday, April 9
10:25 a.m.
A Columbus Lot guard reported a parked vehicle appeared to have a fake parking decal. Northeastern University Division of Public Safety (NUPD) officers responded and confiscated the fake decal, which belonged to a student. The student admitted to forging the parking decal and the car was towed from the lot. He will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR).

تحقق من ذلك 8:28 p.m.
A student reported his bicycle, which he left locked with a cable lock outside 121 St. Stephen St. around 6 p.m. the previous night, was stolen. Tuesday, April 10
12:10 a.m.
Officers responded to a noise complaint on the third floor of International Village (INV). Officers spoke with a student, who admitted to having intoxicated guests earlier in the evening. Officers also reported a strong odor of marijuana coming from the room. The student was reported to OSCCR.

اسهم دانة غاز الاماراتية 11:28 a.m.
A staff member in West Village F reported exit signs and wiring were ripped out on the third, fourth, sixth and seventh floors.

انقر للقراءة 6:10 p.m.
A student reported he left his wallet in a classroom in West Village H around 5 p.m. After realizing he didn’t have it, he went back to the classroom where he found it with $120 missing.

الخيارات الثنائية أفضل إشارات التداول Wednesday, April 11
1:33 p.m.
The manager of Wollaston’s in the Marino Center reported he detained a shoplifter. NUPD officers questioned the 22-year-old student, who allegedly tried to steal a bottle of eye drops. The student was banned from Wollaston’s and reported to OSCCR.

تلميحات أكثر فائدة 2:25 p.m.
A student living in INV reported she believed her suitemate stole money from her three weeks ago. The room had no signs of forced entry.

الراجحي تداول الذهب 8:52 p.m.
A student reported that five or six teenagers poured a drink on her and threw a bottle at her in the Curry Student Center (CSC). The teens were last seen running out of the building, wearing black and grey hooded sweatshirts. 9:50 p.m.
A graduate student reported that he got into a verbal argument with a staff member at the SquashBusters center. Officers spoke with both parties and resolved the matter. Thursday, April 12
10:39 a.m.
NUPD officers stopped two School at the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) students on suspicion of drug use. They confiscated a glass pipe and lighter from the students and notified SMFA officials. سهم السعوديه 3:06 p.m.
A staff member reported a desktop computer was stolen from Nightingale Hall overnight. The door was unlocked, and a student who was using the room said he locked it before leaving the previous night. Friday, April 13
12:40 p.m.
A student reported she was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, also a student, at an off-campus location.

وظيفة كبيرة للقراءة 2:57 p.m.
Officers stopped six New England Conservatory students behind the pump house in the Fens on suspicion of Class D substance use. Officers confiscated two glass pipes and two small bags of marijuana. NUPD officers notified New England Conservatory officials. 7:51 p.m.
A student reported her backpack, which contained her laptop, was stolen while she was in a bathroom in CSC for 10 minutes.

موارد إضافية 10:50 p.m.
An RA reported graffiti on the second floor of Stetson West. An officer discovered a swastika drawn on the wall on the second floor.

سوق الاسهم اليوم تداول Saturday, April 14
2:29 a.m.
Officers responded to a loud party at 108 Hemenway St. and found the apartment’s residents, three male students. All guests and the three hosts were cooperative, and officers broke up the party. The three residents were reported to OSCCR. الربح من الاسهم بطريقة غير مباشرة وبدون رسوم 3:00 a.m.
An officer stationed at a footbridge near the Egan Research Center reported seeing four men who appeared to be jumping on cars in Columbus Lot and were heading down Columbus Avenue. NUPD officers stopped the four students on Columbus Avenue and identified one as the person who had been jumping on cars. After checking the lot, officers reported two vehicles had been damaged. The student will be summonsed to Roxbury District Court and reported to OSCCR.

3:41 p.m.
Officers responded to 31 Cunard St. and spoke with a Northeastern student who was hosting a barbecue on the roof of the building. All five students on the roof were cooperative, and cleared the area. They were reported to OSCCR.

6:02 p.m.
Officers at Springfest in Matthews Arena confiscated a container of vodka from a 21-year-old student, who wrapped the bottle with juice box covers and set off the metal detectors. The alcohol was confiscated, and the student was allowed to enter the arena. He was reported to OSCCR.

6:57 p.m.
Officers reported a disorderly man at the Springfest concert. The man, who had no affiliation with Northeastern, was ejected from the event.

8:19 p.m.
A 19-year-old student at Springfest appeared to be intoxicated and was evaluated by EMTs. She did not need hospitalization, but was ejected from the concert, escorted back to her residence hall and reported to OSCCR.

8:34 p.m.
Officers stopped an underage student for an alcohol violation. She was ejected from the concert and reported to OSCCR.

8:47 p.m.
Officers reported a disorderly student at Springfest. He was ejected from the concert and reported to OSCCR.

8:55 p.m.
Officers stopped a 21-year-old at Springfest for disorderly conduct when he was seen arguing with staff. He was ejected from the concert and reported to OSCCR.

8:56 p.m.
Officers stopped an 18-year-old student at Springfest who appeared intoxicated. After being checked by EMTs, she was transported by ambulance to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and was reported to OSCCR.

9:19 p.m.
An 18-year-old male, who is not affiliated with the university, was intoxicated at Springfest. His fake ID was confiscated, and he was transported by ambulance to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

9:21 p.m.
Officers stopped a 19-year-old student at Springfest. She appeared to be intoxicated, and was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center by ambulance. She was reported to OSCCR.

9:27 p.m.
An 18-year-old student appeared to be intoxicated at Springfest. She was evaluated by EMTs and transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital by ambulance. She was reported to OSCCR.

10:40 p.m.
An officer stopped a student for disorderly conduct toward Matthews Arena event staff. The student was ejected from the event and reported to OSCCR.

11:07 p.m.
Officers encountered a man acting strangely in front of Boston House of Pizza on Huntington Avenue They arrested Christian Elmonte, 33, for disorderly conduct.

11:20 p.m.
A student and resident of 148 Hemenway St. reported a group of college-aged men broke windows to the residence. Officers responded and checked the area, but could not find the men.

11:27 p.m.
Residential Life staff called to report damage to a first floor men’s bathroom in Stetson West. A soap dispenser was ripped out of the wall, along with other minor damage. Officers photographed the area and closed the bathroom while facilities staff repaired it. In a follow-up investigation, officers found the student responsible, and he was reported to OSCCR.

Sunday, April 15
12:22 a.m.
A student reported her 22 year-old friend was intoxicated and needed assistance at the corner of Tremont and West Springfield streets. NUPD officers and Boston EMS responded and transported the intoxicated student to Boston Medical Center. She was also reported to OSCCR.

2:01 a.m. Entry of the Week: A proctor at 10 Coventry reported a drunk man on the corner of Burke Street and Columbus Avenue. Officers found the man, an 18-year-old who was admitted as a freshman for fall 2012, was intoxicated, vomiting and shoeless. He was transported by ambulance to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. OSCCR and the Admissions office will be involved in a follow-up investigation.

2:20 a.m.
An officer reported a man who appeared intoxicated in the Camden Lot. Responding officers and EMTs evaluated the student, age 19, and decided he did not need to be hospitalized. He was reported to OSCCR.

3:03 a.m.
Officers in front of 25 St. Stephen St. reported a woman, with no university affiliation, was intoxicated. Boston EMS responded and transported her to Tufts Medical Center.

3:56 a.m.
A student called to report her friend, a 20-year-old female student, was intoxicated on Hemenway Street. Officers found the woman semi-conscious but not alert. She was transported by ambulance to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and reported to OSCCR.

4:25 a.m.
Officers stopped a man, not affiliated with the university, coming out of the MBTA tunnel on Huntington Avenue. between the Symphony and Northeastern stops. Upon investigation, the man admitted to tagging MBTA property. Transit police responded and took the man into custody.

9 a.m.
Officers on the Egan service road reported a man kicked over a standing light fixture. Officers responded and stopped the man, unaffiliated with the university, who said he was on the phone with his girlfriend and got upset. He was issued a trespass ban from campus.

7:33 p.m.
The Boston Fire Department (BFD) contacted NUPD to report that a Northeastern student reported a visible fire on the roof of Davenport Commons. Officers responded and checked both Davenport buildings for signs of fire. Eventually, they discovered a group of people with no university affiliation grilling on the roof of 1049 Tremont St. Boston Fire officials responded, and after determining that the group was not permitted to use grills on the roof of the building, extinguished the fire.

10:53 p.m.
NUPD received multiple calls about shots fired near 34 Annunciation Rd., off of Ruggles Street. Several people reported a male fired five or six shots, and was last seen running down Ruggles Street toward BPD Headquarters. BPD and Transit Police were notified, and BPD officers searching the area were unable to find the suspect. No one was hurt in the shooting, and BPD officers found a car with bullet holes in it.

Monday, April 16
11:41 a.m.
A student reported a male, who smelled of alcohol, repeatedly interrupted a research experiment on Centennial Commons. Officers responded and found that the suspect, who was not affiliated with Northeastern, made no threatening actions or statements towards the researchers. He was escorted from the property and given a trespass warning.

3:23 p.m.
NUPD officers located a woman who appeared intoxicated at the corner of Tremont Street and Columbus Avenue. Boston EMS transported her by ambulance to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

4:52 p.m.
A resident assistant (RA) in Loftman Hall reported hearing loud noises. Officers responded with the RA. When there was no answer after they knocked, the RA swiped into the room, and discovered no one in the room, but a speaker was pointed out the window, blaring. The RA turned the stereo off.

5:29 p.m.
A student reported his bike stolen from the Marino Center bike rack between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

5:32 p.m.
NUPD officers assisted BPD officers on the report of a large group of students on a roof in the area of Gainsborough and Hemenway streets. They located a large group on the roof of 120 Hemenway St. and used the public address system in the police cruiser to alert the people to move inside. The group went in without incident.

6:29 p.m.
A student reported seeing a man enter Snell Library through the exit doors. Officers responded and found the man, not affiliated with the university, within the library. Officers issued him a trespass ban.

9:28 p.m.
A student reported a window of a university van broken in the Renaissance Garage. Nothing was missing from the vehicle.

8:14 p.m.
A staff member reported an open vending machine in the basement of Hayden Hall. Officers found the machine appeared to have been forced open, and money inside was missing. Officers took the food and secured it at NUPD headquarters while the machine was repaired.

9:38 p.m.
An RA in Speare Hall reported about a dozen ceiling tiles were damaged on the second floor.

9:44 p.m.
An officer reported what he believed was a drug sale on St. Cyprian Street. He stopped the two men, both non-students, and recovered a small bag of marijuana. Daylis Alonzo, was placed in custody for the sale of a Class D substance. The second man will be summonsed to Roxbury District Court.

10:01 p.m.
A student reported his iPhone stolen from the fifth floor common room in Kerr Hall, after he left it unattended between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. that night.

Tuesday, April 17
2:07 a.m.
A proctor in INV reported a female sleeping on a couch in the lobby. An officer responded and spoke with the woman, who had no affiliation to Northeastern. She was cooperative and left without incident.


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