Crime Log: Feb. 4-Feb. 12 الفوركس منتدى الخيارات الثنائية Compiled by Bill Shaner, News Staff صحة مواقع الفوركس Entry of the Week: Saturday, Feb. 9, 1:29 a.m.

ما هو ثنائي منصات الخيارات Boston College police reported a male Northeastern student, age 19, was found rolling in a roadway in the snow, and was almost struck by vehicles. The student, who was intoxicated, was transported to St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center.

تداول الاسهم السعودية مباشر هامور الاسهم السعودية Monday, Feb. 4 3:46 p.m.
A Residence Director (RD) in Stetson East reported a female student called to say three male students had taken a picture of her fully clothed bottom and posted it on Facebook. The female student asked the three students to remove the photo several times and they refused. Officers spoke to the students, who then removed the photo, said they were “just fooling around” and did not know the female student was offended. 4:53 p.m.
A Northeastern Division of Public Safety (NUPD) officer reported he received information regarding a suspicious man in the bathroom area of International Village East. The officer stopped the individual, who has no Northeastern affiliation, and issued a trespass warning for all university property.

الخيارات الثنائية منزل الخيار 8:10 p.m.
A student in International Village East reported he believed someone entered his room and slashed his mattress, but nothing was taken. Officers responded and reported that, in addition, a rear panel to the student’s computer monitor was damaged and there was a slash mark on the wall. The student later reported his neighbor caused the damage and will pay for it.

9:13 p.m.
A Resident Assistant (RA) in Davenport Commons B reported smelling marijuana on the second floor. Officers spoke to four students and confiscated a small amount of marijuana.

نموذج الاتصال هذا Tuesday, Feb. 5

12:04 a.m.
A Northeastern staff member reported two men were selling food in the Snell Library Quad. Officers spoke to the men, who were members of the Chinese Student Organization, and not aware of university policy on the matter. They relocated to the Ruggles MBTA station.

5:16 p.m.
A Northeastern student in the Curry Student Center (CSC) reported her cell phone stolen from the second floor women’s bathroom at 9:15 the previous evening, while left unattended.

8:52 p.m.
An officer reported new graffiti on the rear side of 337 Huntington Ave. He filed a work order. Wednesday, Feb. 6

12:16 a.m.
A student reported he was walking in front of Cappy’s II on Huntington Avenue and was approached by two men asking for money. When the student refused to give the men any money, they threatened to beat him up. The student ran back to his apartment and said he did not wish to file a report. Officers checked the area with no results.

7:04 a.m.
A staff member in Behrakis Hall reported some computers were stolen and other areas in the building were broken into. Officers responded and found a window was smashed with several computers stolen. Another staff member reported his office was entered and his belongings were disturbed but nothing was missing.

12:56 p.m.
An officer reported stopping a man, who had no Northeastern affiliation, for possession of marijuana on Columbus Avenue. The officer confiscated a small amount of marijuana.

3:22 p.m.
A Northeastern student reported her unattended thumb drive was stolen from the Snell Library Info Commons on Thursday, Jan. 31.

11:15 p.m.
A Cabot Center staff member reported three Northeastern students had their cellphones stolen from the women’s locker room. Officers spoke with the students, who said they were there at the time of the theft and did not see anyone suspicious.

الخيارات الثنائية الاجنبى جيش السلام Thursday, Feb. 7

1:32 p.m.
A YMCA staff member reported that it appeared someone had tried to break into the second floor children’s theater. Officers responded and found the door kicked in. They filed a work order.

11:05 p.m.
An officer reported he was flagged down for complaints of a homeless man in Wollaston’s asking passersby for money. Officers located the man on Speare Place behind the Marino Center and sent him on his way.

مرتبطة هنا Friday, Feb. 8

12:25 a.m.
An RA on duty in West Village A reported the smell of marijuana. Officers spoke with three students and confiscated a small amount of marijuana and a pipe.

1:23 a.m.
A security officer in Gainsborough Garage Shop reported three men had discharged a fire extinguisher. The men were last seen headed up Huntington Avenue toward Massachusetts Avenue. Officers checked the area with no results.

6:12 a.m.
An officer in the North Lot reported finding a vehicle with a broken back window and the driver side back door left open. A medicine bottle was found in the car belonging to a student. A garbage bag was placed over the smashed window and the vehicle was secured.

10:34 a.m.
An officer located two backpacks behind Light Hall with the previously mentioned vehicle owner’s name. The student reported the backpacks were taken from his vehicle.

4:33 p.m.
An RA at Davenport Commons A reported an exit sign on the fifth floor had been ripped down.

10:39 p.m.
A Massachusetts College of Art and Design police officer reported he believed he had an intoxicated Northeastern student in custody. NUPD officers responded and had Boston Emergency Medical Services (EMS) take the student to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

واصلت Saturday, Feb. 9

1:42 a.m.
An officer reported that while providing a student an escort, a man threw a large snowball at the cruiser, nearly causing an accident. Officers stopped the man, a student, who claimed to be a Wentworth Institute of Technology student.

2:03 a.m.
An RA in Stetson West reported a female student was vomiting in the bathroom. Officers responded and reported that the 19-year-old Northeastern student was conscious and alert. The student admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the evening.

6:15 p.m.
A proctor in Melvin Hall reported there may have been a medical emergency on the fifth floor. Boston EMS also called to report a call about a 19-year-old female student screaming in the hallway about running out of her “prescription medicine and marijuana.” Officers spoke to the student, who said she had mixed anti-depressants with marijuana, which caused her to panic and call Boston EMS. Boston EMS transported the student to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

9:20 p.m.
An RA reported she believed the residents of a room in 650 Columbus Ave. may have been using marijuana because she noticed a towel blocking the bottom of the door when she asked the students to turn down the music. Officers responded and confiscated a small amount of marijuana.

سوق اسهم السعودية Sunday, Feb. 10

2:15 a.m.
Residents reported loud music coming from an apartment at 772 Columbus Ave. Officers found one 19-year-old female student to be semi-conscious. Boston EMS took the student to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

3 a.m.
An RA in Willis Hall reported that while doing rounds she came across a man who appeared intoxicated and refused to show an ID Officers responded and spoke with the student who had been drinking but was over 21 years old. At 3:48 a.m. the RA reported that the same student was in the lobby and unwilling to show an ID By the time officers responded, the student had left the building and could not be located.

12:47 p.m.
A student in Davenport Commons reported his laundry was stolen from the laundry room. Officers responded and found the student had placed his load in the wash the prior night and had returned that day to find two loads of laundry stolen.

4:43 p.m.
An officer observed a man who appeared to be throwing snow balls from the top of the Renaissance Parking Garage. Officers responded and found a large group of college-aged males making a snow fort on the roof and some snow had slid off. No snow was being thrown from the roof. Officers escorted the group from the area.

7:29 p.m.
A Northeastern student who had previously reported his phone stolen reported a man was meeting him at the Marino Center to sell him his phone back. Officers responded and stopped a man who demanded $50 for the phone. The man, who had no Northeastern affiliation, was issued a court summons and a trespassing warning. The phone was returned to the owner.

مباشرة من المصدر Monday, Feb. 11

10:37 p.m.
An officer reported she was approached by a student who said there was a loud party in a room in International Village East. Officers heard loud music coming from the room and spoke with the residents, who turned the music down.

الخيارات الثنائية المخططات الحقيقي Tuesday, Feb. 12

3:14 a.m.
An individual with no Northeastern affiliation reported to a proctor at White Hall that a man was kicking the side mirrors off vehicles on Forsyth Street. Officers responded and found two cars with broken mirrors. They spoke with a Northeastern student inside White Hall who had been identified as the man causing the damage. The student had been drinking but denied causing the damage.

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