Club lacrosse team successful in Atlanta tournament

اسعار سوق الذهب في السعوديه وظيفة كبيرة للقراءة By Jodie Ng, News Correspondent 

إشارات التداول بالخيارات الثنائية opinioni The Northeastern men’s club lacrosse team began their season in high spirits as they returned from their tournament in Atlanta undefeated. With momentum riding on their side, the Huskies are prepared to produce the same results going forward.

التحقق من “It was our goal from the gecko to go 3-0 and win all three games,” goaltender Matt Mohr said. “We just need to go out there and do what we do best which is play our game.”

متى استطيع بيع الاسهم With three games in three days, the team dominated 11-6 against the Clemson Tigers in a stellar performance. The Huskies then faced the Florida Gators the following day, defeating them 11-3. Although there were already two wins under their belt, the true victory came from their triumph in a close game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 6-4.

الخيار ثنائي التحكيم “Georgia Tech was the one everybody had their eye on,” head-coach Ben Severance said, “just because we knew they were going to be stiff competition.” Sophomore attack Joey Pasquale was among the top shooters during the weekend, averaging two goals a game, putting up three goals in the first. According to Mohr, while there is no official MVP, Pasquale was deserving of the title, describing him as an “offensive powerhouse.”

خذ رابط “Personally it was my first game for Northeastern so I wanted to play well,” Pasquale said. “It was also our first game outside as a team this year and I wanted to see how our whole team would come together.” Massachusetts native Pasquale said the team is “always focusing on the next game in [their] schedule so essentially, 3-0 doesn’t matter to [them] right now.”

تداول عبر الانترنت Northeastern’s next scheduled game is on March 15 where the Huskies will go head-to-head with the Briarcliffe Bulldogs. However, it is the awaited contest against classic rival Boston College the players are most excited to face. The Eagles will look to challenge the Huskies on March 28 on Parsons Field. With a three-week break between the tournament and their match against the Bulldogs, these Huskies will need to find a way to stay motivated and continue their championship season. “Work never stops,” Mohr said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s tomorrow or three weeks down the road, we’re looking at that game and we want to play it.” اسواق الفوركس Severance — the defensive coordinator in years past who is now fulfilling the role as head coach —says part of his job is to coach the players well but to also step aside and let them play. He knows the talent is there thus his plan is to keep improving with hopes that there’ll be a “better unified motion” and “be less choppy” in time. شركة iforex “There’s such a fine line you have to balance while improving,” Severance said. “On the whole, I think we’ve come a long way. We’re eliminating our mistakes. We’re understanding how to play college lacrosse.”

ما هي استراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية The Huskies — charged with strength and determination — have all the needed pieces to continue their so-far successful season.

تحقق من عنوان ورل “I have faith in our team. The possibilities are endless for us.” Pasquale said. “I want us to be feared around the league.”

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