Crime Log: Jan. 25 – Jan. 31

Compiled by Stephanie Eisemann, news staff

CRIME OF THE WEEK: Wednesday, Jan. 27

6:50 p.m.

The Northeastern University Police Department (NUPD) received a computer-generated call reporting a bomb would detonate on Columbus Avenue. Boston Police Department (BPD) was advised and NUPD responded, searching and evacuating the building. The caller would not respond to specific questions about the location or type of the device. NUPD did not locate any devices and social media posts indicated the threat was a hoax. A report was filed.

Monday, Jan. 25

3:21 p.m.

A Northeastern University (NU) student reported being the victim of a pickpocketing while in London. A report was filed.

7:40 p.m.

NUPD reported the Northeastern University No Exxon Oil Group was chanting inside Curry Student Center. Officers were in the area monitoring the group of approximately 20 students.

Tuesday, Jan. 26

3:34 p.m.

An NU student reported his Prada sunglasses stolen from Snell Library while left unattended. A report was filed.

4:46 p.m.

An NU student reported money stolen from her unattended wallet in Stetson East. A report was filed.

Wednesday, Jan. 27

10:36 p.m.

A Resident Assistant (RA) reported a female in the RA office who seemed to be ill. NUPD responded and reported a 20-year-old intoxicated female unable to walk on her own. Boston Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was advised and transported the student to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The Residence Director (RD) was notified, and NUPD provided a return escort at 4:05 a.m.

10:50 p.m.

An anonymous female reported two males fighting in Conor Larkin’s Pub on Huntington Avenue. NUPD responded and reported a bar employee had ejected a patron who was attempting to return. The subject left the area on foot, and officers located the student by the Marino Center. The employee and student were advised of their rights, and neither chose to pursue the incident further. A report was filed.

Thursday, Jan. 28

11:37 a.m.

BPD and NUPD engaged in a foot chase of a man wanted for the unarmed robbery of a cell phone from an NU student at 550 Parker St. The subject, described as a male in his 20s, was pursued from Ruggles Street to Annunciation Road. The subject was apprehended on Albert Street by BPD, and the victim identified the subject. The stolen property was recovered from a dumpster nearby. BPD arrested the subject.

7:25 p.m.

A forcible rape in a freshman residence hall was reported. It is currently under confidential investigation.

11:36 p.m.

During an inventory of found property, a fake driver’s license belonging to an NU student was confiscated. A report was filed.

Friday, Jan. 29

12:43 a.m.

An NUPD officer broke up a party in the basement of International Village. NUPD spoke with three students and confiscated alcohol found in the room. A report was filed.

2:34 a.m.

A friend contacted NUPD to report an intoxicated student. NUPD responded at Speare Hall. NUPD transported the underage student to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The RD was notified.

9:51 a.m.

A member of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps reported the driver’s side mirror of his car was broken off while parked on Opera Place near Huntington Avenue. Upon investigation, several other cars in the area were found to be damaged.

11:13 a.m.

An NU student reported that he left his West Village B apartment with his laptop, and it was missing when he returned from class. He believes the laptop may have fallen from his backpack.

4:38 p.m.

An RD in a freshman residence hall contacted NUPD to report finding a marijuana pipe on the fire escape windowsill after noticing students on the third-floor fire escape. NUPD responded and spoke with the students, who admitted to smoking marijuana on the roof. NUPD confiscated the pipe and less than an ounce of marijuana.

4:51 p.m.

An NU student reported his leather gloves stolen from a study room in Snell Library while left unattended.

9:54 p.m.

The proctor of West Village A South reported an intoxicated male in the lobby. NUPD responded, reporting that the male had left the area prior to their arrival and could not be located.

11:19 p.m.

An NU student reported his friend was intoxicated and in need of medical attention. NUPD responded at Tremont Street and requested EMS for the student, who was taken to Boston Medical Center. The RD was notified.

11:20 p.m.

Boston College (BC) Police contacted NUPD to report an NU student was transported from the BC campus to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for an alcohol-related incident.

11:20 p.m.

An NU staff member in the Marino Center reported ejecting a trespasser from the building. The staff member explained the trespasser frequents the area but is not allowed to enter the premise. NUPD is assessing the situation.

Saturday, Jan. 30

12:11 a.m.

NUPD responded to a call from an intoxicated female in the lobby of 122 St. Stephen St. NUPD responded, spoke to the student and requested EMS. The student signed a medical waiver and was not transported.

12:37 a.m.

An NU student reported his iPhone stolen after leaving it on the bench near the basketball courts at 9 p.m. When he returned an hour later, the phone was gone. The device was being tracked but has since been turned off.

2:24 a.m.

An NU student reported being punched in the face at Papa John’s Pizza after arguing over two sports teams with another patron, of whom the student had no description.

6:02 a.m.

A proctor in East Village reported an intoxicated male in the lobby attempting to access the building. NUPD responded and spoke to the NU student, who was drunk and in a cast, complaining his hand hurt. EMS transported the student to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

7:04 a.m.

An NU student reported not knowing how he ended up at Tufts Medical Center and that he had awoken in the hospital to discover his iPhone and wallet missing. His phone was last recorded in Canton.

7:53 p.m.

An RA reported an intoxicated female in her office in Davenport A. NUPD responded and located the student, who was unconscious and vomiting. EMS transported the student to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.  

8:54 p.m.

An abandoned call from the second elevator in West Village E was received by work order. NUPD responded and reported two females stuck in the elevator. Work order recommended Boston Fire Department (BFD) be contacted. BFD was advised, but the two students contacted NUPD to report they were able to get out without issue. The BFD call was canceled. The students said they had ignored the out-of-service signs posted on the elevator doors. Work order was advised to cut the power to discourage use until the elevators are repaired.

9:22 p.m.

An RA in West Village A reported an intoxicated female in one of the residences. NUPD responded and spoke with the student, confirming she was intoxicated. EMS responded and transported the student to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

11:55 p.m.

A male student reported being stuck in the elevator of West Village E. The NU student was able to get out. Work order was notified.

Sunday, Jan. 31

2:19 a.m.

A proctor in East Village reported an intoxicated female in the lobby. NUPD attempted to make contact with the student. She was over legal drinking age and oriented to place and time. The student declined medical attention and signed a waiver.

7:41 a.m.

A proctor in the YMCA reported a student passing by who stated there was a male outside the entrance with his hands on his head. The student was unsure if the male belonged in the area. NUPD responded and reported the male gone upon arrival. The proctor called back to add the student who had reported the original incident also saw a knife in the man’s hand. NUPD responded a second time to speak with the proctor, who could still not provide any descriptive information. NUPD searched the area a second time with no results, but located another witness who reported the knife was plastic.

11:20 a.m.

NUPD stopped a male by Matthews Arena for suspicious activity. The subject, unaffiliated with NU, was found to have a warrant. He was placed under arrest.

11:19 p.m.

NUPD witnessed a subject, unaffiliated with NU, steal an item from Wollaston’s Market in the Marino Center. When stopped on Forsyth Street, the subject admitted to stealing juice. Upon further investigation, a bag containing a white, powdery substance believed to be cocaine was located. NUPD summoned the subject to court for substance possession and shoplifting.

11:20 p.m.

NUPD reported an argument between a student and a subject unaffiliated with NU. Officers stopped the subjects, found they had a verbal argument with one mocking the other, and that it escalated to physical violence. The victim stated that the NU student kicked him in the groin and slapped him. The student was placed under arrest for assault and battery.

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