Crime Log: Aug. 8 – Aug. 14

Compiled by Stephanie Eisemann, news staff

Crime of the Week: Tuesday, Aug. 9

8:41 a.m.

A Popeye’s Chicken employee reported smoke coming from the roof of the Curry Student Center but did not observe signs of a fire. No alarms were triggered. Boston Fire Department (BFD) was notified and Northeastern University Police Department (NUPD) reported the hot water machine was filling the room with steam, causing it to release from the ceiling. The machine was shut off and a technician was called to service it.  

Monday, Aug. 8

12:54 p.m.

A Northeastern University (NU) staff member found a spent shell casing on the floor of Columbus Place. NUPD responded and located the .223 casing, which was collected as evidence. A report was filed.

2:36 p.m.

An athletic trainer reported a 300-stock tank was stolen from NU’s satellite campus in Dedham, Massachusetts. A report was filed.

Wednesday, Aug. 10

6:34 a.m.

An allied officer saw a group of people on the roof of SquashBusters on Columbus Avenue. NUPD responded and spoke with two individuals, unaffiliated with NU, who were cooperative and apologetic. NUPD sent both parties on their way without incident.  

1:08 p.m.

A Residence Director in Davenport A found marijuana in a residence. NUPD responded and confiscated paraphernalia and less than an ounce of the substance. A report was filed.

Thursday, Aug. 11

9:28 a.m.

NUPD stopped two individuals on the bleachers of Carter Park at Roxbury Crossing for suspicion of drug use. The subjects, unaffiliated with NU, were found to have criminal histories. They were cooperative and were sent on their way.

10:05 a.m.

NUPD responded to a bicyclist hit by a vehicle door in front of the Renaissance Park Garage. EMS and Boston Police Department (BPD) were notified. The driver had an active license and was unaffiliated with NU, and the car was actively registered to North Carolina. The bicyclist was transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for evaluation and BPD declined jurisdiction. A report was filed.

10:05 a.m.

NUPD confiscated a fake Connecticut driver’s license turned into the lost and found. A report was filed.

4:13 p.m.

NUPD responded to reports of high levels of carbon monoxide in Matthews Arena. BFD was also on the scene. The facilities director and crew were present and reported the cause of the alarm was running boilers. The units were turned off and the building aired out, which brought the levels down to normal. A report was filed.

Friday, Aug. 12

10:06 p.m.

NUPD stopped two individuals unaffiliated with NU in Carter Park. NUPD confiscated a small amount of crack cocaine from one woman, who will be summonsed. Both subjects’ information was collected and they were sent on their way. A report was filed.

Saturday, Aug. 13

3:51 a.m.

An NU student reported a man passed out face down in the lobby of a building on Cunard Street. NUPD responded and reported the subject was conscious and alert to person, place and time. The student was escorted to his apartment and declined further services.  

Sunday, Aug. 14

12:37 p.m.

NUPD stopped two males, unaffiliated with NU, in the lobby of the Egan Research Center. Both were found to have criminal histories and one had an active warrant. One subject was placed under arrest, while the other was banned from all NU property and sent on his way.  

4:46 p.m.

Staff members of Wollaston’s Market in the Marino Center reported a male shoplifter in the store. NUPD responded and stopped the man, unaffiliated with NU, who returned the items, valued at $14.62. The man was banned from all NU property and sent on his way. A report was filed.

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