Op-Ed: Northeastern University College Democrats endorses Hillary Clinton

Op-Ed: Northeastern University College Democrats endorses Hillary Clinton


We officially endorse former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president. There is simply no other rational option — for citizens of this nation, younger individuals or the political left.

We choose to do so because she not only is a fantastic representative for our party, but for 16 particular reasons we deem both quintessential and distinguished which will define the successes her presidency will bring.

First and foremost, she brings a stability to the office and to the nation that no other candidate can match, providing comprehensive policy making with pragmatic sensibility held in high regard by so many, truly exemplifying our active government in ways that will ideally spur our mixed economy so that it works for all of us and not just those at the top.

Secondly, she pushes for fairness via social justice, both actively and receptively so that movements are not held back by executive authorities, and thirdly, she channels this social progress to move us away from harmful societal tendencies of the past.

Fourthly is her emphasis on an intensive confrontation to our world’s environmental challenges. As residents of a coastal city facing sea level rises in the future, we deem this absolutely necessary from our leaders instead of a dismissal of the issue as a hoax.

We also favor her ability to bring forward our government out of its stagnation via pragmatism, as well as her embracement of kindness and compassion as regular elements of rhetoric as opposed to bigotry and divisiveness. Her economic plans, as discussed earlier, also promote fairness, championing the working class and labor segments of our society in ways that truly benefit an American working class in precise, constructive assistances.

Another factor of the Secretary’s nature that this club has long admired is her resistance to ideological grandstanding, as she consistently drives herself into the detailed thick of it, policy-wise, to such a degree that only a true wonk can fully appreciate.

We also endorse her health care policy, as her extensions to the Affordable Care Act will work to prevent certain market-based tendencies to exploit the measure and wreak havoc on the health securities of millions of Americans.

We support the full extent of her visions for an education system that works for everyone, and her long record of aiding America’s children’s endeavors goes to show how fundamental she will become in making lasting impacts on student growth for our nation’s future intellectuals from pre-kindergarten to college. Her positions were challenged by the political left in the Democratic primary, and we have not forgotten that. However, we believe that under the new party platform, Secretary Clinton will be both the fighter and uniting agent that our progressive efforts need.

We support her calculating style — albeit a more private one — as a public official, as we believe that in this time, we must have a president with a strong sense of process.

Finally, we support her as the first female president to hold the office in a grand step for women’s rights, we support her as someone who will effectively uphold and make better on the legacy of Obama and we support her because a victory from her would put an end to the possible electoral victory of Donald Trump.

– Nathan Worob is a sophomore political science major and press secretary of the Northeastern University College Democrats.

Photo courtesy Marc Nozell, Creative Commons

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