Shipping mistake leads to Nordstrom ads on coffee sleeves

Shipping mistake leads to Nordstrom ads on coffee sleeves
Coffee sleeves advertising Nordstrom appeared in the dining halls last week./ Photo by Julia Preszler

By Morgan Lloyd, news correspondent

A shipping mistake caused Northeastern University to unintentionally supply coffee sleeves displaying an advertisement from Nordstrom this past week in all three NU dining halls.

The coffee sleeves led to confusion over whether the school was promoting Nordstrom on campus.

In an email response to The News, Kerry Gilcoine, a marketing specialist for Northeastern Dining Services, said, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We received these sleeves in a misshipment from our supplier. We are addressing the situation with our team across campus.”

The mix-up in shipping led Northeastern students to believe the school was partnering with Nordstrom to sell advertising. This would have been unprecedented for Northeastern’s dining halls, but was not the case.

Once Northeastern Dining Services noticed the issue, the Nordstrom coffee sleeves were replaced with the standard unmarked sleeves in Northeastern’s dining halls.

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