NU Stage celebrates Broadway’s biggest ‘unsung heroes’

NU Stage celebrates Broadway’s biggest ‘unsung heroes’
Cast members rehearse "My Strongest Suit" from "Aida." Photo by Gianna Barberia.

By Gianna Barberia, Lifestyle Editor

In a story, not everyone can be the Batman. However, NU Stage Musical Theatre Company aims to show audiences that it’s okay to be the Robin. “Unsung Heroes” is the student-run theatre group’s fall musical revue and a compilation of Broadways’ supporting characters’ biggest hits.

“It’s a fun show,” cast member Taylor Clark said. “There’s so much energy. There’s no dialogue or plot — it’s just fun songs.”

The show, choreographed by third-year theatre and ASL combined major Emma Kell, will feature songs such as “You Will Be Found” from “Dear Evan Hansen,” “Story Of My Life” from “Shrek The Musical” and “Wait For It” from “Hamilton.”

“The show is about being an underdog [and] rising above when people are trying to keep you down,” Kell said. “I really wanted this show to be chosen because everyone can identify as an unsung hero at least once in their life.”

Preparation for the show began back in March, when Joseph Rudy, third-year chemical engineering major and director of the revue, proposed the theme to the other members of NU Stage. From there, a production staff, called “p-staff,” was chosen, auditions were held and rehearsals were underway.

“It’s been really rewarding to see what the cast members and tech coordinators are best at,” Rudy said. “It’s been really amazing to watch them do what they do best.”

Although the group has been planning and perfecting the show for approximately eight months, Clark, a fifth-year mechanical engineering major, said there have been difficulties putting the show together: namely organizing a show that has 101 total people involved.

“It’s definitely different,” Clark said. “I haven’t met at least half the cast, but you just get really close to all of the people in your numbers. It’s a great way to meet new people in the cast, especially those who just joined last semester.”

Clark will be starring in “My Strongest Suit” as well as “Another Day of Sun” from “La La Land.” She, along with the rest of the cast and crew, have been rehearsing every weekday as well as some weekends for more than two hours per day. Although it’s a big commitment, especially around showtime, Clark said the lively nature of the show has made every rehearsal worth it.

Lauren Milewski, a second-year music industry major, is serving as music director for the show, putting her 16 years of piano experience to good use. She added that the most rewarding part of the experience has been seeing the final product come together.

“When you see a number put together for the first time, or you see the choreography for the first time, it’s like ‘Wow, we did that,’” Milewski said. “It’s incredible seeing how much fun everyone is having.”

NU Stage will perform “Unsung Heroes” in Blackman Auditorium Nov. 17 and 18 at 8 p.m. Tickets are free for students and available through the myNEU portal.

“It’s going to be awesome,” Milewski said. “The cast is having such a good time, so the audience will as well. Everyone is having a party on stage.”

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