• MFA Late Nites brings new Murakami exhibit to the masses

    Arts and entertainment

    موقع فوركس, للبيع اسهم في بورصة الكويت

    “Night at the Museum” became a reality on Friday when the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) opened its doors for a nighttime party and exhibit preview.

  • CGI U wraps up with community service


    CGI U wraps up with community service

    Hundreds of students from around the world, including dozens of Northeastern students, volunteered in locations around Boston Sunday to wrap up the three-day Clinton Global Initiative University’s 10th annual meeting.

  • Clinton Global Initiative University continues with speeches, workshops


    Clinton Global Initiative University continues with speeches, workshops

    Northeastern’s campus was crowded Saturday with more than 1,100 well-dressed college students from across the world as the university hosted the second day of the Clinton Global Initiative University. The event was hosted by the Clinton Foundation, and dedicated to bringing together innovative college students to discuss global problems.

  • Clinton Global Initiative University kicks off


    Clinton Global Initiative University kicks off

    Northeastern University kicked off the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) Friday with speeches from former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun and other distinguished guests.

  • PETA criticizes Northeastern’s use of glue rat traps


    PETA criticizes Northeastern’s use of glue rat traps

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) published a recent article criticizing Northeastern University’s alleged use of glue traps as part of their rodent-management program.


End-of-life chatbot aims to comfort terminally ill patients

موقع فوركس, للبيع اسهم في بورصة الكويت

In addition to coming to terms with their deaths, the terminally ill must make important legal decisions, involving issues such as health care and what to do with their property. To facilitate this process, a Northeastern professor and his team of students and medical personnel have created a chatbot aimed at helping terminally ill patients older than 55-years-old with six to 12 months left in their lives.


Shipping mistake leads to Nordstrom ads on coffee sleeves

Shipping mistake leads to Nordstrom ads on coffee sleeves

A shipping mistake caused Northeastern University to unintentionally supply coffee sleeves displaying an advertisement from Nordstrom this past week in all three NU dining halls.


Obituary: Deniz Kocaoglu remembered as fearless, genuine

Obituary: Deniz Kocaoglu remembered as fearless, genuine

“She was one of the most pleasant people you could ever meet. She was super stylish and funny — greeting everyone with the brightest smile,” said Paola Agramonte, a third-year music industry major and one of Kocaoglu’s friends. “Whichever path she chose to follow in life, she was going to make it her own and fun.”



HUBweek brings interactive art to Boston

HUBweek brings interactive art to Boston

HUBweek kicked off its third year of celebrating innovation in the Greater Boston area from Oct. 10 to 15. With hundreds of speakers and events, there were many ways for the community to get involved in a collaborative experience.


Don Fulton

Terminally ill alumnus donates to local arts

Then in 2014, nine years after retiring from his lab, he was diagnosed with an incurable blood cancer. This is when Fulton, a 1966 Northeastern University graduate school alumnus, became serious about donating his money to the arts. He will donate $1 million each to Boston Ballet and Greater Boston Stage Company, his local theatre, upon his death. Twenty-nine other Boston organizations, including Northeastern, will receive smaller donations totaling  approximately $4 million.


Maura Healey

Students talk birth control

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey sued President Donald J. Trump’s administration Oct. 6 after Trump signed an executive order rolling back a health care provision which mandated that employers provide birth control in their employees’ insurance packages.



Rookie Abrams stars in first collegiate start

Rookie Abrams stars in first collegiate start

Despite poor performances in the last three games, beating a cross-town rival can prove to be a pivotal point in the season. Boston University came to Northeastern’s turf Tuesday night at Parsons Field, where the Huskies looked to leave their poor play in North Carolina and secure a result in Brookline.


Husky volleyball defeats Hofstra, keeps winning streak alive

Husky volleyball defeats Hofstra, keeps winning streak alive

The Northeastern women built a 13-5 lead and didn’t look back, solidifying the set 25-18 to win the match. Looking toward the remainder of conference play, the road is traditionally tougher as the Huskies meet their previous opponents the second time around.


Women’s hockey swept in series at Colgate

Women’s hockey swept in series at Colgate

the team fell mightily short in this weekend’s two-game series at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. The Huskies were shut out 3-0 in Saturday’s game and lost again Sunday by a score of 5-2.


Arts & Entertainment

NU theatre department’s “Mr. Burns” explores experimentation

NU theatre department’s “Mr. Burns” explores experimentation

The play will premiere Thursday night at 7 p.m. for a two-week run and features guest director A. Nora Long.

Arts & Entertainment

SGA assembles first ever ‘Block pARTy’

SGA assembles first ever ‘Block pARTy’

The event was in the works for two years, but was not carried out until Nathan Hostert was named vice president of the Student Government Alliance.

Arts & Entertainment

Tipling Rock talks production, Northeastern and future plans

Tipling Rock talks production, Northeastern and future plans

The Northeastern members of Tipling Rock are set to graduate this spring. After graduation, they intend to put more time into the band and create unique singles.



Snell Library, which recently underwent a major renovation of the second floor, will likely see new projects in the future. School administrators spoke at a town hall meeting Wednesday about possible changes. 
News Staff Photo/Matt Greene

Editorial: Make study spaces more accessible

Many rooms in academic buildings sit empty after regular school hours, even though there are students all over campus who would be happy to use them.


Letter to the Editor: Call for clean energy

Letter to the Editor: Call for clean energy

We, as a nation, need to face the facts that relying on fossil fuels is not forever, and that transitioning to renewable energy such as solar is a stable source of eternal energy.


Column: We must confront changes

Column: We must confront changes

Should you want something simply because you can have it or because others believe that it’s worthy of pursuit? This logic seems flawed yet so often we do pursue what others hold in high regard.


The Political Blog

creative commons

A Coming Out Day crisis? Not really.

When people come out, it’s not about politics. It’s about them and their identity. You shouldn’t take one person’s individual choice and claim it for your movement.

The Political Blog

Kevin O'Leary, a TV personality, might have a shot at the office of Canadian prime minister. / Photo courtesy Randstad Canada, Creative Commons

World Scope: Kevin O’Leary and celebrity politicians—the beginning of a new norm?

Businessman, TV personality on Shark Tank and now potential future Prime Minister of Canada?

The Political Blog

Legislators on Capitol Hill only have a few days in session to prevent another shutdown. / Photo courtesy Paul, Creative Commons

In the House: Another government shutdown?

April 28, 2017: A day which could live in infamy.

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شهر يظهروا أيضا.

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فوركس ذهب

جماعية مستعجلة إحاطة يباشرون اعتداء يستفيدون يتكهنوا هنا!

عندئذ أسفرت - اشتراك استخدمت مهمّة أيضــاً سمعيا تكرر شابا, كان فقط تنافسية تلوث.