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For 82 years, The Northeastern News covered city and campus news as Northeastern’s student newspaper. In 2008, The Northeastern News became independent from Northeastern University, forming the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization World Series Way Publishing, Co., and assuming the name The Huntington News.

Since The News left the university to maintain editorial independence, it has been funded, published and produced entirely by Northeastern undergraduate and graduate students. Every day, students — who are unpaid — contribute dozens of hours to keep the paper running.

Now, we need something more to keep it running — your help. The Huntington News is in nearly $13,000 in debt to our printing company and main creditor. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to The News to support student journalism and free press so we can continue to tell the stories of our students and hold the university administration accountable. Any donation you make will help pay for printing, maintenance and equipment costs.

We have conducted a full audit of our financial assets and revenue streams, moved from our office space on Huntington Avenue to save money and created a payment plan with our publisher to allow us to remain in print while paying down our debt. We have also worked with our advertising partner, MediaMate, to create a profitable advertising schedule, redesigned both our website and physical newspaper to make them more appealing and improved our social media presence. We continue to organize fundraising drives and events through local businesses and are actively moving toward a debt-free newspaper.

We appreciate any and all support. Thank you.

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