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World Scope: The Upcoming Political Trials of Germany and France

A mesh of slowly-evolved economic populism and more recently, nationalism, seems to have swept Britain and the United States in its path and is currently heading for Germany and France as they hold their respective federal and presidential elections.

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21st French Film Festival opens at MFA

21st French Film Festival opens at MFA

The French have long been at the forefront of artistic output. From Van Gogh’s masterworks to Debussy’s compositions, the world has looked to France as a beacon of creative expression. It must have come as a shock to few to learn that the Francophone nation had developed the art of film in the late 19th century. Over a century later, France is still a master of cinema — a legacy that is on display at the Museum of Fine Arts’ (MFA) 21st Annual Boston French Film Festival, its most popular and widely attended film festival.

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Letter: Student reacts to tragedy in Paris

Letter: Student reacts to tragedy in Paris

They don’t know. Them, the vile, medieval terrorists, unjustly killing in the name of Islam. They don’t know better but to dare try and take away our liberty. They don’t know that we stand together, strong and tall. That we have long before them fought for our ideals, implemented our […]

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