Community mourns death of Speare RD

Janet P. Mackie, a Residence Director in the Department of Residential Life, died on the morning of September 9, 2002. The university has not released the cause of death. To many of her colleagues in the Department of Residential Life, Mackie was more than a coworker, but also an advisor and a friend. President of the Resident Student Association Daniel Loveman remembers times when Janet would stop him on the street and ask him about life or the test he took the day before. “Janet was like a mother to me,” said Loveman. “She always took an interest in the lives of students. Northeastern will be missing a great asset.” One of Mackie’s colleagues remembers her as a genuinely good person. “My fondest memory of Janet was that of a friend. She knew how to be a friend,” said David C. Robbins Assistant Director of Residential Safety and Security. “She valued her many friendships with differing groups of people. I considered myself fortunate to be among that large and diverse population. She always brightened my day with a phone call inquiring whether I would be available to join her for lunch. She always let you know how important you were to her and that, somehow, you were special.” Mackie received her Bachelor’s of Arts from Yale University. Though accepted to Harvard University she chose to attend Northeastern to earn her MBA, which she completed in 1987. “I’ve worked with Janet since she arrived on campus some 16 years ago. Janet was above all else a wonderful and caring individual,” Robbins said. “Janet prepared for a business career but found her true love to be working with students. She became a Residence Director while working for her MBA and this changed her career goals and her life. She truly loved working with students in all areas of their NU years.” Since her arrival in 1986 Mackie’s contributions and recognitions have been many. In 1989 she helped found the Northeastern University Resident Student Association and the Northeastern University Chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary in 1990. She also brought RSA to its first regional and national conferences. Mackie not only advised the Graduate Student Association but also continued as an unofficial advisor of RSA from 1999 until 2002. She was honored in 1998 with the Dan Hallenbeck service award on a regional level and the Residence Student Association advisor of the year award named in her honor in 1996. “She never missed a meeting,’ said Loveman, “Janet was always approachable and there to provide help.” RSA advisor Tanner Chesney will serve as the temporary Residential Advisor of Speare Hall. Mackie’s contributions extend passed Residential Life to also include Northeastern sports. “She loved Northeastern’s hockey team,” said Rosemary Colucci Assistant Director of Residential Life. “She was an avid fan and made banners for every game.” Loveman and ARD of Stetson Complex Seth D. Zolin, have sent a letter to M.L. Langlie, Associate Dean and Director of Residential Life, Dean Martel and Vice President Rigg requesting that the current Living Learning Center be renamed and known as “The Janet P. Mackie Center for Living and Learning”. A memorial service will also be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, September 28th at St. Ann’s Church on St. Stephen St.

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