Housing getting hostel

The Northeastern “housing crisis” has gotten out of hand.

While most freshmen this year came to campus with the usual woes about dorm size and roommate situations, believe it or not others were even less fortunate.

Students living in the Hostelling International youth hostel arrived to less than adequate conditions, even for a college student. The hostel, which houses 58 male students, is unequipped with proper cable and internet ports.

Students living in the youth hostel, at 12 Hemmenway Street, are too far away from the main NU campus to have a proper college experience. Unlike Simmons College, where about 116 female students are housed, the hostel is not a college atmosphere in the least.

The Simmons location proves to be one of some degree of convenience and similar to Northeastern. The hostel is being used simply for its location, and at that the proper transportation is not being provided.

Students have raised many concerns about several issues. The main concerns are that they are expected to pay regular housing rates, and the need to have a phone line installed in order to use a dial up service for internet, instead of a network connection like the rest of NU students in on campus housing are provided with.

The recent invitation to youth hostel students for guaranteed housing throughout their stay at NU, as long as they remain in their placements through fall quarter, is not in any way compensation enough for Northeastern’s lack of housing.

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