I’ve Seen it All

Let the air in, the music play and students rush to their seats. After six years of a concertless arena, the members of the Council for University Programs are presenting G. Love and Special Sauce along with RatDog. You may be thinking, why is this girl endorsing the concert? She’s giving free advertising, that capitalism-advancing girl. Or perhaps not. To clear the air, I’m not endorsing or promoting the artists or NU ticket sales, I’m condoning the act of anti-apathy on our campus. This concert gives a dynamic population of co-eds and faculty an opportunity to listen to a dynamic pair of musicians. According to its fan-based website, G. Love and Special Sauce is mainly influenced by John Hammond and Bob Dylan. Others include Lightning Hopkins and Jimmy Reid. Hip hop influences are Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. RatDog, featuring former members of the Grateful Dead, such as Bob Weir, will be the main event this Saturday at Matthews Arena at 7:30 p.m. According to the group’s homepage, RatDog’s music represents Weir’s complete repertoire from blues like “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” and “Little Red Rooster” to the psychedelic stylings of his Grateful Dead classics like “Playing in the Band”, “The Other One”, and “Throwing Stones” to some of his solo material like “Josephine” and “Bombs Away.” RatDog went into the studio in 2000, producing the critically aclaimed CD “Evening Moods”. A seriously rocking fall tour that year tightened the band to amazing musical levels, and now new material from “Evening Moods” like “Ashes and Glass,” “Odessa,” and “Two Djinn” are part of their group soul. Todd Matteson, concert chair for CUP, called NU in his mind a hip hop orientated campus. For those who don’t fall under that genre, there is the purpose of this concert. Like the wise advice in Wayne’s World 2, “if you book them, they will come.” But that’s a whole other story all together. Last spring, the hip hop group, “The Roots,” performed for a large crowd of enthusiastic students. This campus is devoid of that type of enthusiasm and there’s no excuse for that. Music on our campus has proved to bring people together and “The Roots” were a prime example. I have never seen as much excitement here as I did that day

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