Freshman 15 is no laughing matter

I was disturbed and saddened by the article on weight gain entitled “The brawl with the bulge,” included in the Health section of the September 25th edition of the NU News.

In this article Brad Rosenberg proceeds to give ‘tips’ on how not to gain weight during your college years. However, all but his last tip ended with calling the reader a ‘fatty’. I am sincerely disappointed that such a thing was repeatedly stated in an article supposedly aiming at helping, not hurting, the student body.

Most people might consider this to be a non-issue. However, to some extent, it is mean and offensive.

If the word ‘fatty’ was replaced by any word referring to a person’s race, ethnicity, or religion I am sure that people would be shocked. But because it is referring to people’s weight, it is funny? I do not think so.

For some reason or another, people who weigh anything considered to be above society’s definition of the norm are considered fair game for being mocked and taunted. Not only is it thought to be ok, but to many, the victim of this kind of harassment is considered deserving of it. This is a sad thing to realize and an even sadder thing to be on the receiving end of.

I hope that for future reference someone would consider that things such as these can be and often are offensive and hurtful. I do not know Brad, and as such I cannot say whether he intended it to be funny, or insulting, but I can assure you that to many it is flat out cruel. Not to mention tasteless. Have you ever heard the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword? Think about it.

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