Hammered gets high on life, low on booze

By Mohammed Abdulla

Underage drinking and parties are quite common throughout many colleges within the United States. Even Northeastern students have been known to go out, get drunk and party. Now, a new organization formed by students dares to say, ‘Get Hammered’.

However, it is not what you might think. The Hammered Website, www.Hammered.org describes the group by saying: “The Mission of Hammered is to question the social and cultural role of drugs and alcohol.” The group wishes to teach students about the various ways they can gain a social life, initiate conversations and meet new people without the aid of alcohol.

Ken Procaccianti, the president and founder of the group said, “So many college students go out and drink that it has become normal for most people. People rely on it to meet people and can’t rely on anything else. As students, we started this group and hope it will serve as a model for other schools.”

Throughout the last few weeks, Hammered fliers have appeared throughout Northeastern. These flyers have caught the interest of many of the students on the campus.

Many questions were raised by students pertaining to what kind of group Hammered is and what their long term goals are.

Last Monday, the group held their first meeting at the Curry Center. Not only was the turnout incredible but students also found that they could relate to a lot of what the group had to say about our generation.

Besides educating students about drugs and alcohol, Hammered also has many events planned for the upcoming semester. In order to help reach students, the group plans to do a variety of activities which include setting up sport events and comedy connections at afterHOURS. The group hopes to raise money from activities, spread their message and make ties throughout the campus.

If anyone would like more information about Hammered, visit their website at www.Hammered.org, or e-mail Ken Procaccianti at [email protected] org.

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