Hey baby, what’s your sign?

By JennyMae Kho

A mystical sign, representative of balance, romance and society, the Libra has long distinguished itself from other signs by the paradox entailed by its symbol- the scales. While at the outset, the image suggests lofty concepts of balance and justice, it is in fact the nature of this delicate upkeep of stability where the keys into the Libra personality lie.

The scales of the seventh sign of the zodiac underscore the need for balance in life. While energies and events draw personal forces this way and that, it is the Libra symbols that seek to find balance in the options available, to bring fairness, and to evenly dole out emotions and powers. But those who have ever handled a set of scales know how problematic it is to find that point of perfect equilibrium. Often times, the weights sway on their fulcrum and eventually, and sometimes decisively, drop in favor for one side. Thus, the judgmental nature of the Libra is revealed.

Sandwiched between the grounded, analytical earth energies of Virgo, and the intense, controlling power of Scorpio, Libra serves as the transitional element between them. While Virgo’s energy is “to serve” and Scorpio’s “to control,” it is the Libra that links these two opposing forces with “to weigh.”

Those born under the Libra sign between September 23rd and October 22nd are ruled by the influence of Venus

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