Janitors are people too

As janitors across the city struggle over negotiations for a new contract, many building owners and trustees, such as FleetBoston and State Street Bank, have publicly stated their support. Politicians from across the political spectrum, such as Jill Stein, Tom Birmingham, and Mitt Romney have done the same. While many Northeastern students and faculty have demonstrated support, the administration has been silent.

More janitors under the citywide contract work at Northeastern than any other account. Northeastern’s contractor, Consolidated Service Corporation, has been a key player in the negotiations, making our support crucial for the janitors. For that reason I believe that Northeastern University has the responsibility to make a strong statement in support of the janitor’s demands for:

-More full time work – most receive part time pay for up to eight hours of work.

-Health insurance – most have none.

-Sick days – most have none.

-A living wage – most earn $39 a day.

I believe the university should do this because although Northeastern is not a negotiator for the contract, a strong statement of support would send a powerful message to Consolidated. As students, we have the right to know where our administration and president stand on this issue. If the university really is committed to the well being of all the members of the Northeastern community, it will not remain silent when a simple public statement could help so many of them.

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