Mary Baker Eddy Library open to public

By Bradley Rosenberg

The Christian Science Center celebrated the opening of its Mary Baker Eddy Library Saturday, September 28, and the festivities were graced with such known and respected figures as Boston Mayor Tom Menino, actor Val Kilmer, and Northeastern’s own President Richard Freeland.

Freeland commemorated the event with a rousing speech, saying he was, ‘confident that what we dedicate today will inspire for many years to come.”

The Mary Baker Eddy Library, named for the founder of the Church of Christian Science, promises to be a popular attraction for tourists and natives of Boston alike.

The library features interactive computer programs and exhibits, a view of the headquarters and newsroom for the Pulitzer prize-winning paper, “The Christian Monitor” and the library’s most publicized possession, the complete works of Mary Baker Eddy. This is the largest collection of papers by and about any one American woman, and is looked upon with great pride by the members of the Church of Christian Science.

President Freeland also looks upon the collection as a positive thing, as he said, “Mary Baker Eddy was an amazing woman” and “a very prolific writer.”

What Freeland is most happy about, however, is that the library is so close to Northeastern.

“Our goal is to make Huntington Avenue more attractive,” said Freeland. “I see this library as a help.”

Val Kilmer, who has a “testimony to the power of ideas” incorporated in one of the exhibits of the library, also believes the 50 million dollar facility to be a positive addition to the community of Boston.


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