Off the Orange Line

By Alexandra Gallant and April Eve Jasak

Look inside your wallet. Find a couple dollar bills and your ATM card, right? The McDonald’s dollar menu doesn’t seem too appetizing and you’ve been to the dollar store a few times too many. Honestly, how much food past the expiration date can you really consume before getting sick? Naturally, being the good wholesome Northeastern student that you are, you would never go to a strip club with dollar bills in hand, so what’s left? How can you get the most out of your money? The answer is simple, jump on the Orange Line for a day full of adventures throughout Boston.

Two stops away from Northeastern’s own Orange Line port, Ruggles Station is the Back Bay/South End T stop. This area is a shopaholic’s dream come true. Just a few short steps away is Copley Place, one of Boston’s finest malls. The exterior boasts glass windows which mirror the magnificent works of Bostonian architecture.

After walking through the revolving doors, the visitor is inundated with fountains, luxurious marble floors, and a plethora of shopping and dining establishments. Not only are there stores one would find in any mall in America, but also a few designer boutiques, including Armani A/X Exchange, Gucci and Pink.

If a day of relaxation is what you’re interested in, then you should definitely check out Gretta Luxe, a spa located inside Copley Place.

Along with the basic hair salon amenities, you can indulge yourself with a massage, body wrap, or a facial. Expect to pay a healthy amount for this cleansing experience, though.

Last, but certainly not least, Copley Place also features its own cinema. For a less expensive date, you might want to go see a matinee, any showing before 6 p.m., at the Loews Theatres. If you’d prefer to go after 6 p.m. be prepared to pay a few dollars more.

After a day of shopping, you’ll most likely be craving a little purchasing fuel. Check out the vast assortment of eateries both inside Copley Place as well as those located on the surrounding streets. The mall itself contains restaurants such as Chili’s, Boston’s famous Legal Seafood, and a full-blown food court filled with fast food favorites.

A highly recommended restaurant is the Firefly Bistro situated on the corner of Dartmouth Street and Columbus Avenue, right across the street from the T stop. The house specialty is any pasta dish, including the farfalle with tomatoes, shrimp, and asparagus. While you’re at the Firefly Bistro be sure to pick up a takeout menu

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