SGA calls for 4,200 student votes to increase activities fee

By C.G. Lynch

With the transition from quarters to semesters approaching next fall, Northeastern’s Student Government Association has requested a raise in the student activity fee. Currently, for each quarter all Northeastern undergraduates, excluding those on co-op, pay an activities fee of $17, which is not covered in their regular tuition.

This money, distributed among various student clubs and organizations on campus, funds general operating needs, as well as special activities sponsored by those respective groups. Next year, to accommodate the changing schedule, the SGA will raise the fee to $100, accounting for $50 a semester.

“Our current system is old,” said Michael Benson, the SGA’s vice president for financial affairs.

Under the present system, money is distributed to various organizations based on budget requests, which are submitted to the Budget Review Committee. The BRC is composed of approximately ten members and the Media Board Finance Committee

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