Street styles

By Maggie Neplokh

Comfort, individuality, trends, culture and peer influences are a few things that influence the way people dress.

As college students, we are often thrown head-first into difficult situations that leave no time for weighing fashionable options.

As the number of people we meet increases, we begin to weed out those who don’t have that little something extra. The ones who don’t necessarily always go over the top, but still look a little bit different within the average mix of sweat pants and T-shirts.

What defines a stylish person? Well, The News hopes to profile people and see what they think about when they get ready in the morning, when they go out on dates, as well as what influences them to make these decisions. The intentions here are not to write about someone who just dresses well, but rather how their style influences others.

A student was spotted walking out of Curry Student Center, smoking a cigarette, looking like anyone who just finished class. There was a little difference; he displayed a sense of ease, his manner of carrying himself suggested that he was comfortable in his skin, as well as his clothes. His style came through not as a shield, but as badge of honor.

His name is Edouard Burrus and he joins our Northeastern community from Geneva, Switzerland. This French speaking student gave the Northeastern community an insight on his fashion sense as well as the comparisons between European and U.S. fashion- just a little twist to the ever changing college community.

Maggie Neplokh: As a new student at Northeastern University, where do you shop to achieve your personal style?

Edouard Burrus: I usually shop in stores like Urban Outfitters and a few stores down Newbury Street at the moment.

M.N: How does European fashion differ from U.S. fashion?

E.B: American fashion influences European fashion. In America, everything is sportswear

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