Vote apathy out

The Student Government Association’s Senate voted last spring to conduct a referendum, which will ask students if they would like to see the student activities fee raised from $17 per quarter, to $50 per semester once the conversion is complete.

SGA argues that with a higher activities fee, more programming will be offered on campus. The student group also says that with the increase, the allocation of the money will change, in turn allowing easier access to the money for student groups and creating a major concert fund.

This argument is all well and good in principal, but in practice the university has a long way to go.

Student apathy is a major issue on Northeastern’s campus, which a fee increase may not be able to conquer. Apathy among students is not the only flaw facing the fee. Student groups must put more energy and effort into hosting more comprehensive and diverse programs on campus, last weekend’s concert is a prime example.

If the Council for University Programming were to advertise the “G. Love and Special Sauce and Ratdog” concert earlier than they did, or if CUP could have afforded a bigger name, then maybe a larger turnout at the concert would have ensued.

Whatever the case may be, the community of Northeastern must come together and work towards a common goal: getting out and getting involved. Students need to stop complaining about the way things should be, and instead get their hands dirty.

The easiest way to do so is to vote in the referendum this winter.

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