Forum opened to all after discrimination complaints, By Alex Pauline,

توظيف ثنائي خيارات تاجر September 29, 2005

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الخيارات الثنائية الكتب Michael Morin

watch Dear Mr. President, As an alumni living outside the Boston area I receive an electronic copy of the Northeastern News every week. I was shocked by the comments I read in a recent article entitled, “Forum opened to all after discrimination complaints”, By Alex Pauline, in the September 28th, 2005 edition. I was seriously offended by Dr. Robin Chandler’s opinion in this article. Dr. Chandler was obviously dismayed with the fact that her forum had to be altered from it’s original purpose, but she should have been aware of the University’s policies regarding discrimination and should have sought an off campus location in which to hold her forum if she wanted it to be only “women of color”.

watch The main issue to me was Dr. Chandler’s comments to the reporter in the article. She states: I think it’s a shame that one or two white students based on white privilege, a lack of awareness of racial issues and a lack of generosity of spirit complained to the office of the provost and were able, because they were white, to gain admission to the morning session that I was forced to open up,” Chandler said. “Only one white female student showed up and I welcomed her anyway, in addition to telling the audience to conduct themselves with integrity even though the presence of a white woman was unwelcome.

تداول نسخة خيار ثنائي To me these comments are beyond what is acceptable of a Northeastern professor, let alone the director of a university academic program, to be making. It is obvious that Dr. Chandler’s opinion of white people is that we all are privileged and we use that to take advantage of people of other races. Does this opinion carry over into her classes? Are white students not welcome in her classroom? Did Dr. Chandler stop to think, or even ask, the white attendee if she was there in order to gain a better awareness of racial issues facing women of color?

source url Issues of race and discrimination are always a sensitive subject and I have believe Dr. Chandler would have a strong opinion if one of her collogues were to set up a forum for white women only, in violation of Northeastern’s discrimination policy. This is a two way street and shutting down on side creates a greater backup on the other. I feel that Dr. Chandler has discounted my Northeastern education, as well as that of other Caucasian students and graduates with her public comments. Insinuating that we sued “white privilege” to get whatever we wanted. This situation has embarrasses Northeastern and all that the University has done to try to bridge the gap in our differences, not only between races, but for person’s with disabilities, sexual orientations and different heritages. Dr. Robin Chandler should not be allowed to skew that with her personal biases. Thank you for your time.

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