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follow link An Old College Jersey Few things improve with age. After fine wine, blue jeans, and an old beat up college jersey you may be hard pressed to think of things that truly improve with age, and even at a loss to come up with things that actually become better the older they look. Even when it comes to antiques, they are considered more valuable when they are in good condition. I think this is true about most things in life including people. The better we look the better we feel. Whether this is actually true or not, this is what we keep telling ourselves.

get link Today billions of dollars are spent each year on drugs, nutritional supplements, cosmetic creams and procedures on vain attempts to slow down the natural aging process. So then, why does an old beat up college jersey defy our obsession with the aging process, or desire to be surrounded by pristine things and continues to get better with age, and the older it looks?

enter site There is something very special and unusual about an old broken in college jersey, because like fine wine it must have time to age and mature naturally. It takes loyalty, commitment and patience, because it takes years of use to break one in properly. Even though the printed (latex) letters of your alma mater’s name may become severely faded over time and holes may begin to protrude, none of this matters, because it is a classic. Let’s face it there is nothing more comfortable, or admirable than an old beat up college jersey. Similar to a fine cabernet that has been carefully aged to perfection, the older and more worn a college jersey is, the better it also becomes. As silly as all of this may sound, the more worn and beat up your college jersey becomes it earns admiration and respect like generals earn stars and stripes.

كيفية بدء موقع على شبكة الانترنت مجانا وكسب المال However, you must be warned in advance. You can be certain that there will be some who will try to tell you otherwise. Perhaps your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse does not understand why you continue to wear the old rag. Let’s be honest with ourselves, if they do not have one they are going to be jealous.

follow url Jealousy comes from knowing that they can not simply decide on a whim and buy one off of a rack. Instant self-gratification is not an option here, a fact that only serves to annoy those without. There is something truly classic and admirable about an old broken in college jersey that withstands the test of time. As it shows signs of aging, it’s popularity seems to defy our pop culture impulses and often ridged pursuit for a perfect streamline form, and brings us back down to earth reminding us that our human qualities, past experiences, and yes even our imperfections are what make us unique.

أخبار مصنع الفوركس Maybe we all could lean something from an old beat up college jersey and stop being so frightened to reveal our true colors and more of who we really are. After all, human beings were never meant to be carbon copies of one another, the way pop culture and fashion magazines would have you believe. In addition, there is something more to a college jersey than just its physical attributes. It carries with it its own unique history. It is far from being just another article of clothing, because it has strong sentimental ties to your undergraduate days. It is a part of your past, and wearing it is like wearing a badge of honor. And, why shouldn’t it be? You’ve earned it. Furthermore, like all natural whole wheat bread, homemade apple pie and your favorite grandmother, we all seem to admire and respect things that represent hard work and sacrifice, but yet things that are also down to earth. An old beat up college jersey represents the very essence of the American spirit of hard work, sacrifice, and a desire to get ahead in life, while at the same time it is a symbol of down to earth values of modesty and humility, as well as respect for the past.

رويترز الفوركس In light of this, some of the brightest and most accomplished people in society can be seen on occasion dressing down and paying tribute to their past by simply wearing their raggedy old college jersey. At Harvard a professor can be spotted working out around campus in his old Michigan jersey. At Columbia another professor can also be seen working out in his faded Harvard jersey. Even several U.S. presidents could not miss the opportunity to be seen around the White House, or Camp David while wearing their old jersey proudly displaying their alma mater.

الخيارات الثنائية في الولايات المتحدة By simply glancing at your old jersey can bring back a maelstrom of powerful memories of a time and place when you were surrounded by close friends and professors who seemed more like mentors than instructors. As you continue to wear your jersey the so call unfavorable experiences seem to fade along with the letters of your alma mater, leaving you with mostly cherished moments. For some reason even the few bad memories slowly start to become some of the best experiences and stories you could have ever hoped to obtain from college. Who knew? شركة بيفوركس Unfortunately, in light of this affection some people have for classic college apparel, there are those who have tried to profit by selling brand new pre-faded college jerseys to give the appearance of wear and tear. But, who are they trying to fool? Fakes can be spotted a mile away. Here in lies the problem. An old worn in college jersey is something you must earn over time. It can not be manufactured. Wearing a pre-fab, pre-faded, college jersey is like jumping out of a car just on Boylston Street, then telling everyone you finished the Boston Marathon. I am sorry, but people will know. More importantly, you will know. The fact that you have decided to join the honorable ranks of the Northeastern Community, it is up to you now to carry the NU torch into the world. I think most huskies would agree that we all need to do better job harnessing our collective energies to make Northeastern more visible in the world and to convince people we meet the value of co-op (the Northeastern experience), and that NU really is one of the best universities one can possibly attend.

source url Remember, how people perceive Northeastern often begins and ends with its students and alumni. And, rightfully so. After all, it is our beloved alma mater.

watch If each and every one of us does our solemn duty to promote our college/alma mater in the best light possible, perhaps one day in another city or, even a foreign country you will see someone wearing a classic Northeastern jersey, and you will find yourself admiring that person simply because, you know what it means to have earned it. You may even find yourself full of pride drifting in and out of your own thoughts remembering how great college was and all those amazing co-op experiences you had. I know this will happen to you someday, because it has already happened to me. While I was on vacation in Dublin, Ireland, I spotted a young woman wearing a classic Northeastern jersey. I can not express to you in words how proud I was to be in a foreign country and to see the name of my alma mater enshrined in all its faded glory for all to see.

بيع وشراء الأسهم عن طريق النت Now, if for some reason your classic old college jersey was theoretically borrowed by a former girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse as they so often do, all is not lost. Just find another one and wear it often and you will soon have your classic college jersey in about two to three years. And, remember it only gets better with age.

source url Michael Turgeon, BSBA in Marketing ’96 706 Amsterdam Ave. #2FN New York, NY 10025

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