City Council propses student fee for riot police Okay, so we started a “riot” and so now we have to deal with paying for the cops that patrol the streets during any big New England game. I’m fine with this, I’ll certainly be part of the $600,000 that they need to raise to pay for the officers that are needed during these “extraordinary” circumstances. But this other 6 million dollars that they want us to pay for? Most certainly not, it was not our fault that the police decided to shoot into an array of happy college students. It’s not our fault that the officer was either entirely unlucky or entirely undertrained for the predicament but we should not have to be part of the 6 million that needs to be made for the settlements from the trials. It’s insane to me to think that the city wants us to pay for their mistake.

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استراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية Nadex Daniel Lawrence, Class of 2009, Criminal Justice