Column: Food for thought

Column: Food for thought

click The calendar reads 2015.

see It’s a Saturday morning, right around noon. The first pitch is scheduled for 1:05 p.m. The Yankees are in town. They’re not what they used to be, but I still enjoy seeing them lose. Not wanting to pay Fenway prices, I find a parking spot near Northeastern. It lets me take a trip down memory lane.

الخيارات الثنائية استراتيجية إدارة الأموال After parking near Gainsborough, I begin my pilgrimage. A 20-foot statue in Krentzman catches my eye. Its engraving exemplifies significance. Northeastern University: Ranked in the U.S. News ‘ World Report’s Top 100.

get link Seeing it sparks an epiphany. I’m hungry. I decide to go to Curry Student Center.

go site I didn’t have fond memories of Curry. The food was often cold and crappy. The smell was strange and funky. Nevertheless, with game time approaching, I go with what’s closest.

go to link As I stroll through the automatic doors, things seem different. Where was the smell of microwave cooking gone bad? Had the Curry been improved? But alas, my hopes were shattered.

get link D’Angelo’s had been replaced with a fruit stand. Wendy’s was gone, too. I can’t find a trace of unhealthy food. Where were my steak tips? Where were my chicken strips?

go Suddenly, a finger taps me on the shoulder. “Would you like to try our new chicken sandwich?” Those were the words I wanted to hear. “They’re grilled fresh daily.” Things were getting worse. “They contain tofu and…” Students want a pizza place where the food didn’t sit around for two hours. Students want a food court with more than three places open on a weekend. That’s all Curry had to do.

ثنائي الخيار دي اندونيسيا Couldn’t they have offered more variety? Why isn’t there an Italian eatery? What about an Asian place to eat out? Where was Taco Bell? Thinking about all of the problems leads me to a solution. Northeastern would only have to ask two questions:

تداول الاسهم الهولندي 1. Name three places you don’t want at Curry.

go site 2. Now name three places you’d like to see at Curry.

follow site Instead, Northeastern continued forcing surveys on teacher evaluation, campus housing, and co-op experience. They ignore a fundamental fact. If your survey exceeds 10 questions, most people won’t take it seriously. Furthermore, if a survey has little apparent value for the survey-taker, the survey-taker is more inclined to randomly fill in bubbles. If they put up a two-question survey and guaranteed (in a manner that was space and cost-permitting) that the results would be enforced, students would feel like their effort was justified. The survey would actually produce legitimate results.

أفضل تداول للفوركس Each year less and less people visit Curry Student Center. They think it was because students wanted healthy alternatives. They are wrong. They replaced all the good food with healthy food. Even fewer people visited than before. I had to try to do something to bring the people back.

بنك مسقط للاسهم Everything has become clear. Northeastern has foolishly followed their survey results. In doing this, they ignore the fundamental flaw that made them valueless.

Without an incentive, the majority of college students aren’t going to fill out a survey. If someone does, they’re probably a conscientious person. Conscientious people tend do conscientious things. Eating healthy is a conscientious thing. Therefore, the survey can expect to produce an unusual amount of healthy eaters.

After a minute or two more, I decided to eat at the ballpark. I thought about Curry on the walk. What did the students truly want? The answer, as I’ve explained, is completely obvious.

As my hallucination ends, I say goodbye to the world of 2015.

(Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, the Sox dominated. Papelbon threw a gem and Miguel Cabrera went yard two times. And the Yankees? Well, they were suffering from the Curse of the A-Rod.)

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