Column: NU IDs offer ‘Husky’ discounts

Column: NU IDs offer ‘Husky’ discounts

By Emily Unsworth

This past weekend my roommate put it perfectly when she decided we needed to go out into the city and do the more “touristy” things we never seem to get around to doing. She said, “I think we need to get out and see more of Boston then just the bars and Campus Tan.” And she’s right.

But fortunately for us we don’t have to walk any further to accomplish this task. Admit it, you didn’t exactly choose to come to Northeastern because you are able to get free admission into the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) by flashing your Husky ID card.

However, it is a definite perk, especially knowing you just have to cross the street to visit a world-renowned art museum. Without even getting on the T we are able to visit the MFA, Huntington Theatre Company or Symphony Hall before the end of a song on your iPod.

So it is easy to understand why I am embarrassed to admit that it took me over a year at Northeastern to realize our Husky ID allowed us to get into the MFA for free whenever and as often as we want. As sad as it is not to have taken advantage of this great (a.k.a. free!) opportunity earlier, cultural meccas such as the MFA are so close to campus it is easy to say you are going to go later or you will get around to it eventually.

The first time I visited the museum as a student here was because it was mandatory for one of my classes. I now can walk right out of my apartment and see the building that has become the home of masterpieces of the likes of Warhol, Gaugin and Renoir, all of which I still neglect, while the building itself can be just that – a sight you look at and pass by but never really explore.

However, lately these cultural centers are making it more and more difficult for us as students to pass them up. They offer discounts and deals geared specifically toward budget conscious college kids. Often, the places we may have previously visited to humor our parents when Parents Weekend rolled around are too close and the deals are too good to pass up any longer. Not to mention they may actually be a good time.

Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of the bargains since it is when most of the art’s seasons begin.

Symphony Hall opened its doors last Friday night and began selling their popular “BSO College Card” last week. Strictly for college students and with no other deal like it, the card can be bought simply by showing your college ID and paying $25. Beginning on Oct. 6 with James Levine conducting, the card entitles the buyer to go to a select 19 concert dates.

As long as you call on the day of the show and make sure tickets are still available, you can attend the concert – just show up the day of the concert and you get a ticket without paying any additional fee. The first College Card night is tomorrow and will showcase James Levine as conductor, accompanied by Dawn Upshaw as soprano along with Jean-Yves Thibaudet on piano. The Symphony that night will be playing music by Carter, Foss, Ives and Gershwin.

Shows are also added as the season progresses. For a place where the higher end tickets sell for over $100, just remember one thing: don’t let the people sitting next to you who paid a pretty penny for their ticket know you got in using your college card.

As if you couldn’t get any closer to campus than Massachusetts Avenue, you don’t even have to wander off Huntington to take in a good show. Hey, it isn’t called “Avenue of the Arts” for nothing!

Huntington Theatre Company has its own unique programs geared for the younger crowd. Each season has two college nights where college students pay a dramatically discounted price of only $15 per ticket with college ID. The next College Night is Jan. 19.

For those between the ages of 21 and 35, the Huntington also offers the “Night Club.” For only $35, you get to attend a pre-show cocktail hour at a local spot, catch the show and head backstage when the show is done for a special tour.

A third program the theatre offers are called “Pay your age previews.” It features performances for people 35 years and under who can attend a show by paying their age. To get tickets you must show up at the box office and show valid ID. The next “pay your age” dates are Oct. 14-18 when a preview of the “Carol Mulroney” shows will be going on. Try getting all that at the movies.

Now I only need to visit the MFA about 1,432,433 more times to get my full tuiton’s worth. I’ll see you there.

– Emily Unsworth may be reached at [email protected]

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