Date auction features ‘NU De’mocrats By Danielle Capalbo

المقايضة بالفوركس What’s enticing, charitable, and even a bit raunchy? A date auction, and no one knows it better than the NU Democrats.

source url On Thursday, September 29, Northeastern’s resident Democrats took over afterHours, auctioning off university boys and girls alike to raise money for hurricane relief. “Lots of all-girls schools do this sort of thing, and they’ve had a lot of success. We thought it would be a fun way to bring in money,” said Jim Sargent, president of the NU Democrats, prior to the event. “It’s the first we’ve done, so the results do remain to be seen.” The date auction was part of a charity challenge held by the College Democrats of Massachusetts. According to Sargent, money raised will go right from the hands of the College Democrats to those of representatives at the Louisiana State University Medical Center.

ابي الخيارات الثنائية الشعبي cofnas At 9 p.m., with a lineup of 26 potential “interns,” the auction began. Lauraly Atria, a freshman journalism major, strolled onto the stage as one of the first to be bid on.

مشروع الاستثمار في السبائك الذهبية “I flashed the audience, and went for $15,” Atria said. “Once I showed my chest, everyone else just sort of followed, even the boys.”

click here No more than a third of the way through the night, Sargent remarked the NU Democrats had already brought in over $300.

click here “It’s going amazingly well,” he said. “Much better than we ever expected.” Curtis Bergh, a senior business major, agreed. “The students are responding, and the auction is for a great cause. I’m impressed with the organization and the turnout,” Bergh said. Sargent said the group’s advisor was also pleased with the event. انستا فوركس With generous help from NU and Improv’d and the Student Government Association, the night was a triumph.

وسطاء تداول الخيارات الثنائية Matthew Iadone, a sophomore biochemistry major, admitted he came simply to be bid on by random girls. “I did, and I was successful. It was great,” he said. “Just great, for lack of a better adjective.” Iadone, who went for $52, only took off his shirt and shoes to cause a stir, and said he felt no hard feelings toward another “intern” who had gone for almost twice Iadone’s price.

enter “The guy is one of my best friends and is well worth the money,” Iadone said.

افضل شركة لتداول الخيارات الثنائية Sarah Jacobs, a sophomore majoring in political science, was responsible for the $100 bid.

توصيات مجانية فوركس “It’s a really important event in showing Northeastern’s commitment to community, even a community as far away as Louisiana. And I got a really hot piece of ‘ass,'” Jacobs said, making sure to point out the Democratic pun.

Despite the event’s obvious partisan leanings, it managed to escape being exclusively Democratic.

“We’re Republicans. We don’t sell our bodies for money,” said Tina Penman, current member and former president of College Republicans.

Members of College Republicans weren’t the only ones with conservative opinions, however.

“It’s an inventive way to make money for a good cause, but at the same time I have reservations about the methods for raising prices,” said Hannah Smith, a junior journalism major.

Megan Lynch, a freshman also majoring in journalism, agreed.

“It looked pretty tame until we saw boobs,” said Valeria Gioioso, a sophomore behavioral neuroscience major.

Freshman journalism major Jessica Blankenship liked that balance.

“I think there’s just the right mix of nudity and politics,” Blackenship said, making sure to add she wanted no part of the actual bidding. “I don’t regret not being auctioned. This is damn entertaining, as a spectator.”

Sargent, commenting on the evening’s moments of controversy, mentioned Brian Deeth, who wore “assless pants,” and Lauraly Atria, who pioneered the evening’s nudity.

“She flashed for a good cause,” the president said.

The NU Democrats raised a reported $1,266 with a top paid bid of $125. Sargent himself went for $50, the last “intern” to be auctioned.

“We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback, and were pleasantly surprised by the night’s success,” he said.

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