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click here Career Services adds new career library to myNEU A career service library called “The Vault” has been added to the Co-op/Career Services tab on myNEU. The Vault includes a library of employment opportunities, as well as guides, rankings, interview tips, message boards and other ways for students to network about jobs and past job experiences. “You can see what other people have done and what the pay is like,” said JB Sloan, technology manager for the division of cooperative education. “Anyone affiliated with Northeastern can access it for free. Normally you would have to pay for it.” The Vault is different from myNEU COOL because myNEU COOL deals specifically with co-op placement, whereas The Vault is focused on career resources.

click here Used cell phones to benefit domestic abuse victims The Center for Community Health Education, Research and Service (CCHERS) is collecting old cell phones to be refurbished for victims of domestic violence. The program is sponsored by Verizon Wireless. The phones will be reprogrammed with emergency numbers, including a domestic violence hotline. They will also be equipped with 3,000 minutes, said Susan Chandler, director of community advocacy programs at CCHERS. This is the second year Northeastern has participated in the program and Chandler said participation was high last year. “A couple of professors gave students extra credit for donating cell phones and the university gave us some cell phones that had been sitting in the lost and found pile for months,” Chandler said. Cell phones do not have to be Verizon phones; any phone can be reprogrammed. Students can drop phones off in the Marino Center, Squashbusters or in the lobby of Columbus Place until Nov. 4.

شراء أسهم سابك Dean addresses SGA on discrimination issue The Dean of the Office of Affirmative Action told the Student Government Association (SGA) Thursday the exclusion of white students from a women’s studies event was against the university’s Equal Opportunity Policy. Dean Donnie Perkins expressed dismay that no one came to his office for clarification or support when the issue first arose. “Our office was and remains available,” he said. “It is surprising that not one person has come to our office.” Perkins said the event deviated from the ideas the Office of Affirmative Action were looking to promote throughout the university. “The more times you interact with persons who are different from you, the more prepared you are to work in a global society,” he said. He encouraged students to participate in the upcoming “Dialogues on Diversity” series, where small groups of students will discuss the implications of race on and off campus.

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اسهم مصرف بنك ابوظبي الاسلامي Republican Senate hopeful visits campus U.S. Senate hopeful Kevin Scott (R-MA) addressed the College Republicans Wednesday, telling them any politician, even Edward Kennedy, can be beaten. He plans to challenge longtime Sen. Edward Kennedy in the 2006 election. “Republicans can win a statewide race,” Scott told the group of about 30. “Ted Kennedy’s beatable, I’m beatable. That’s the reason why we have elections, because you don’t know who’s going to win.” Scott, a western Massachusetts native with experience in local politics, needs 10,000 signatures to get a spot on the Republican Party’s primary ballot. Then, the party will have to nominate him as their candidate to challenge Kennedy. He said he is a “fiscal conservative” who supports developing renewable energy and incentives for small businesses. “The contrast is going to be striking for voters,” he said. “They’re going to have two very different choices.”

go here Nominations begin for Excellence in Teaching Awards The Center for Effective University Teaching is accepting nominations for the annual Northeastern University Excellence in Teaching Awards. Any student can nominate a professor they feel does an exceptional job in the classroom. Nomination forms can be picked up at the Faculty Senate Office in 442 Ryder Hall or the Office of the Provost at 112 Hayden Hall. All nomination forms must be accompanied by a letter of support explaining why the professor deserves the award. The center presents the award to two to six teachers each year and past award recipients can be found on the center’s Web site. For more information, contact Mel Wilson-Williams at or call 617-373-8583. The deadline for nominations is Dec. 7.

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تجارة سبائك الذهب BRC allocates funds to bring outdoorsmen to campus This week the Budget Review Committee (BRC) allocated $1,310 to Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club (NUHOC) for two speaker presentations in November. NUHOC will use the funds to bring outdoorsmen Mark Shyatt and Dave Anderson to Northeastern. The International Students Association also received $200 to bring David Nunan, professor from Hong Kong University and prolific author, to their Thanksgiving dinner event to speak about the history of the holiday. They attempted to get funds for food for the event, but have been asked to get price quotes from other caterers. The committee also discussed the fact that NUBiLAGA spent less than 85 percent of the money allocated to them for their last event. Committee Chair Billy Haddad said he will speak to them about the issue, but they will not be penalized for it. — Compiled by staff writers Stephen Babcock and Hailey Heinz and correspondent Alex Pauline.