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source site Hanson brothers to promote movie in afterHOURS Hanson, the brother trio of “MmmBop” fame, will appear at afterHOURS Nov. 3 to speak about their new movie, “Strong Enough to Break.” The trio consists of brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zachary, who are now 24, 22 and 20, respectively. “Strong Enough to Break” is about their experiences in the music business, and focuses on their difficulty switching record labels. The trio is promoting the video with a nationwide college tour, and will perform at Avalon the following evening. Their afterHOURS appearance may include a musical performance, but only if there’s a large audience. “They’ll perform if there’s a good crowd and the crowd is responsive,” said Scott Hultman, marketing and promotions director for afterHOURS. Hultman said there will definitely be an opening act, which will be an “acoustic battle” between student-songwriters Mike Mathieu and Hunter Smith. الفوركس دبي MyFiles provides student data storage on myNEU A new feature to myNEU allows students to upload documents, photos and other files. Students can then access the files from any computer with an Internet connection, without having to e-mail the documents or use devices like disks and external hard drives. The feature, called “myFiles,” is accessible through an icon near the e-mail and calendar icons. It allows users to store up to 1 GB of data, which holds about 20,000 page-sized documents, or about 2,000 non-compressed scanned documents, according to, a technical support Web site. MyFiles also allows students to share certain files with other users, and includes search and bookmark features. The feature, which is powered by Xythos file management software, has been used by various businesses and organizations.

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ما هي الخيارات الثنائية احتيال Provost addresses SGA on academic investment plan Provost Ahmed Abdelal announced to the Student Government Association (SGA) Thursday a plan to increase faculty and funding for academics is “realizing its very high expectations.” The initiative, know as the Academic Investment Plan, puts aside money for 100 new faculty hires over five years. This is the plan’s second year. Students pressed the Provost on involving students in the hiring processes for all faculty. “Some colleges have students involved, and some don’t,” Abdelal said. “It is definitely something I can look into.” As for the plan, SGA President Ashley Adams said she was encouraged, but still not satisfied with Northeastern’s commitment to academics. “One hundred faculty is a good start,” she said. “It’s moving along steadily. We can only hope [the hiring] will continue at this pace.”

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استثمار بالذهب ‘Dialogue of Civilizations’ recruits students for trips abroad After the success of student trips to China and Egypt over the summer, Director of International Affairs Denis J. Sullivan has tentative plans in the works to expand to Mexico, Spain, Turkey and South Africa in 2006. The program, “Dialogue of Civilizations,” sends small groups of 10 to 25 students with a faculty chaperone on three and four-week trips to foreign countries. Current plans include trips to Egypt, China, Mexico and Spain during Summer I and Turkey and South Africa during Summer II. Less definite plans for a conflict negotiation program in Cyprus are also being discussed, Sullivan said. Each program requires an application process and some relevant prerequisite classwork. Applications are still being accepted for a separate trip to Egypt running Dec. 26 through Jan. 12, and interested students should e-mail Log on to for more information on the program.

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source Filmmaker to speak for Visiting Artist lecture series Award-winning filmmaker Elizabeth Subrin will speak tomorrow in 200 Richards Hall at 6 p.m. as part of the Visiting Artist fall lecture series, presented by the Department of Visual Arts. Subrin is best known for her short films, which she has presented at various film festivals in the United States and abroad. Some of her award-winning works include “Fancy,” “Shulie” and “Swallow,” which have all received awards at various film festivals. Subrin has also worked on documentary projects and directed “Well, Well, Well,” a music video for Le Tigre, a New York-based feminist electronic band. She has worked as an adjunct professor at Amherst College and New York University, and currently teaches in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University.

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الاسهم في البحرين Democrats to bring former Iraq ambassador to campus This week the Budget Review Committee (BRC) allocated funds to three different student organizations, including the Northeastern University Democrats, who received $11,437 to host Ambassador Joe Wilson, author of “The Politics of Truth,” and ambassador to Iraq during Operation: Desert Shield. Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club (NUHOC) received $10,915 to visit and maintain their Brown Memorial Lodge in Shelburn, N.H. The BRC also allocated funds to NUBiLAGA, which received $5,175 to host Awareness Week at Northeastern. They host an array of activities, including a couple living with AIDS who will talk about their experience and an activist teacher from Jamaica Plain who will discuss feminism, bisexuality and homophobia. They will also use funds to host Sex 101, a seminar that will cover contraception, alternatives to sex and AIDS prevention topics during Awareness Week.

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