liberal bias… Please see quote below. تحليلات الفوركس

here You bigoted, racist, double standard using, idiots. Yes, I’m name calling, sadly there reaches a point where you have to call something what it really is. Enough is enough. How embarrasing. I’ll wager that if a bunch of white people pulled some stunt like this it would be all over the news and jesse jackson (no caps) would be all over the TV. Isn’t white a color? Or are our liberal ran schools so biased that they can’t teach you that in art class? A shame? White privilege? Who is this idiot? Yes, northeastern is a shame and I’m ashamed to see what hollywood and our colleges are doing to this country. How about a TV show called White Houston, or a White Baptist Church, or a White Caucus, or breaking bread for white women only, beacuse people of color (that is so stupid) wouldn’t “understand” the poor white woman. You create racism all by yourselves by doing this stuff. Just be Americans, stop pouting, and stop creating this divide and then complaining the whites are causing it! Its you, open your, you are causing racism. Why? “I think it’s a shame that one or two white students based on white privilege, a lack of awareness of racial issues and a lack of generosity of spirit complained to the office of the provost and were able, because they were white, to gain admission to the morning session that I was forced to open up,” Chandler said. “Only one white female student showed up and I welcomed her anyway, in addition to telling the audience to conduct themselves with integrity even though the presence of a white woman was unwelcome.”