People in Glass Houses….

see It was with great interest that I read David Hyde’s comments on university nicknames and mascots. When discussing the University of North Dakota’s name (UND does not have a mascot)he writes, ‘the UND administration stubbornly fights to hold onto the label, insisting that it actually honors the Sioux people’, he fails to mention that the University of North Dakota has more American Indian programs, services and percntage of American Indian students than many if not all NCAA participating colleges and univdrsities. These programs include an Indian into Medicine program that has graduated 20% of the American Indian physicians in the country. But I digress, the reason for my great interest is Mr. Hyde’s indignatiation that ‘universities of Iowa and North Dakota however, are supporting sexist, racist, and divisive stereotypes.’ I find it amusing that Mr. Hyde’s insulted sensibilities regarding issues at institutions other than his own have resulted in his writing an editorial on this issue. Northeastern University has it’s own problems with racial discrimination (,2933,171249,00.html ‘A White Opressor? Who Me?’). It seems to me that before Mr. Hyde attempts to clean someone else’s house, he should make sure his is clean and without fault.

go here Jo McIntosh 1991 Graduate of the University of North Dakota’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program


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