Spare Some Rage Offensive and Racist I’m not sure if the reasons why the previous editorial was not published is valid so I’m resubmitting the editorial. I made a few changes and omitted what I thought may have attacked his character, but then again this is an editorial. I’m attacking the author of the article rightfully so because he is the author, and his article reveals much about the type of person he is. Therefore, at this point there should not be any reason why it is not published.

watch Nadine Yaver, Criminal Justice Major, Senior, “Spare some Rage” Racist and Offensive

source After reading the highly offensive article “Spare some Rage” by Justin Rebello in the All Hail Section, I was saddened and angered by his ignorance when it comes to human struggle and poverty. Hurricane Katrina taught us that the government failed to view those in poverty as humans worth saving. These humans viewed as not worth saving were, not surprisingly, poor and black. Laughing at people who due to a set of circumstances must sacrifice their dignity to beg is no laughing matter, period. Hurricane Katrina victims who lost what little they had may be reduced by necessity of feeding themselves and their families by panhandling. Instead of being disgusted or fearful of panhandlers, we should be upset at the fact that homelessness continues to affect people and families.

الخيارات الثنائية خالية مكافأة الاشتراك Even more frustrating is that the editors of NU News and journalists like Rebello will one day probably be running a news room due to their privileged backgrounds. They will embrace their privilege as individual success, writing high drama crime stories that persuade the middle class masses to fear poor Black and Latino men. As a white male, Rebello enjoys many privileges taken for granted such as being able to live where he wants and not wondering if he was rejected from a job because of his accent or skin color. Therefore, he can easily label others as the “downfall of western society,” or “degenerates” without first realizing the systemic and historical oppression that causes poverty to continue and racial minorities to be marginalized. Rebello can say proudly, along with the news leadership, that he is not a racist because he doesn’t say the “N” word out loud. However, being truly understanding and sympathetic the struggle of others does not solely consist of donating money to charity, having a few black friends, or making half ass statements on helping others. Our true views on race, class and those we consider worth being human are represented in our attitudes, actions, what we write, and what we publish.

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go site I’d like to see SGA complain to the Office of Affirmative Action on this matter. But then again, the News is their friend, or at least they would like to keep them on their good side. SGA, another white dominated organization, is so ready to call out reverse racism because their kind is excluded as witnessed with the women of color dialogue event. I’m wondering, since their sting operation to bring the organizers down, if the current e-board was inspired to begin investigating other forms of exclusion? There is an epidemic at this university that continues to keep minority groups silenced, demonstrated by the lack of diverse professorship, and the lack of funding and support for our ethnic studies and centers on campus. But then again, I’m probably expecting the impossible, which is for those that are privileged to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. مواقع الفوركس