Letter to the Editor – Digging back: WRBB challenges weekly

From what I can tell, the Weekly Dig continues to “spin” the stories, namely the annual “Dig This” awards, which named NU Boston’s biggest rioters.

First of all, to say the author, Paul McMorrow, went to NU, is a bit of a stretch. Perhaps he came to graduate school or something here, but his undergrad was completed at BU, “When my brother came to visit me at BU once” (from “Best Place to Ogle Talent”).

Going to BU is definitely going to cause a bit of bias on his part, wouldn’t you say? I participate in the Dog Pound Sports Sound, the weekly sports talk show on WRBB.

I know we at the DPSS were highly offended by Mr. McMorrow’s article and in fact invited him to come on the show and defend the article either by phone or coming into the studio, we are still waiting to hear back from him, about three weeks later.

Let’s face it, The Weekly Dig is a waste of the paper it’s printed on and may I be the first to make the move to have their papers removed from campus. And Mr. McMorrow, the invitation is always open, 3p.m. to 6 p.m. every Friday.

– Keith Lavon is a freshman management major.

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