Letter to the Editor: Some missed beats from hip-hop week

Last week’s News article (“Hip-hop put under microscope in culture week,” Nov. 9) gave credit to most of the core groups involved in planning the week’s events, however, there was one notable exception: Leadership Education Growth Opportunities (LEGO).

John Silveria, the head of LEGO was consistently supportive of the various initiatives and he and his team were tireless in their efforts as facilitators and organizers, including securing the resources to support several of the feature events and to design and print the promotional materials.

With valuable assistance from LEGO, diverse student groups were offered an important context within which they could collaborate.

Moreover, although the encompassing theme for the week was hip-hop culture, the specific issues addressed in the various events (including race or class politics, gender discrimination, homophobia, representations and expressions of masculinity and modes of artistic and cultural articulation) exceed hip-hop’s cultural parameters.

I think those who participated in the week’s events would agree that these discussions were of relevance to everyone’s daily existence and by analyzing them through a hip-hop lens, the NU community benefits in countless tangible and intangible ways.

Again, thanks to each and all for the support during Hip-Hop Culture Week and we hope that members of the NU community will participate in future hip-hop initiatives.

– Murray Forman is an assistant professor of Communications Studies.

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