Local bands play tribute

Local bands play tribute

By Derek Hawkins

Amid the parades and big band fair of Veterans Day, songs about ritual sacrifice, dead puppies and Siamese twins might seem out of place. But the Demons of Stupidity and fellow musicians acknowledged America’s heroes in their own way Friday night at the Veterans Day show at afterHOURS.

The event was organized by singer-songwriter Brian Bergeron and members of the farcical band Demons of Stupidity, which includes fellow middler music major Andy Sellars. Friday’s concert was originally arranged as a debut show for Bergeron’s new album, “The Closer EP.”

“Part of my co-op was recording my EP, so I planned this show as a CD release show,” said Bergeron, who has been on co-op in New York since June. “But as far as a specific Veterans Day event, there was no planning.”

He said the planned release date for his CD coincidentally fell on Veterans Day. However, musicians and audience members alike recognized the significance of the holiday and the music’s relation to it.

Jackie Indrisano, the manager at afterHOURS, compared the unity among musicians and their fans to soldiers’ loyalty to their country.

“Soldiers commit themselves to war and to their country the same way musicians commit themselves to music,” she said. “The people here don’t care that this isn’t the biggest event on campus or in the city – they’re just here because they love it.”

As for the Demons of Stupidity, the band’s aim was to bring a sense of lightheartedness to a solemn day, without neglecting its importance.

Inspired by artists such as Weird Al Yankovic and the sketch comedy group the Firesign Theatre, the Demons play clever satires of 1950s rock ballads and mock musical clich

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