the world turned upside down The world turned upside down An editorial By Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

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source url The world turned upside down, Washington D.C the Republican National Party Has lost what it had of a mind and have proven it’s self inhuman and unjust as my previous article have show; they passed a budget bill that would make most cry. They seem to find money for war, but its frack the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the low income. We rely on Medicaid and Medicare for health coverage, we rely on food stamps to eat, in the Northern States we rely on liheap for warmth during the winter. The Republicans call it fiscal responsibility; I call fiscal nonsense and betrayal of everything this country stands for and every man and women who have died her defense. We have stopped caring for our people and started caring about our wallets, we overtaxes the poor, the low income and give tax cuts to the upper class and the rich and the power that be in America.

here In my home state of Maine the unemployment rate is 4.2 statewide and 5.2 in Aroostook County, George Walker Bush and the Republican Party say go back to work, yet here in Maine most of the employment is in the Southern Counties of the State. Job retraining is a joke is joke here in Maine because one it’s under funded and three the people in charge are stingy with the funds…I made suggestion for retraining, medical care and so on. But every suggestion I have made have fallen on death ears in Washington.

enter Mr. Bush thinks that the United States of America is his own little sheikdom. I make a call to every democratic governor in the United States to say in one declaration to the Republican Government and the Republican Party, that our states son’s and daughters are yours no more; that was a quote from William Wallace, the Scottish patriot of the 900 ad era of the United Kingdom. We say also in one voice, we shall not bleed for oil or for personal gain to fill your coffers with the blood of our young and the sweat of work. To give your friends tax cuts on backs. I further urge every state in the United States to start taking care of its people by one building a Home guard to back up the National Guard in each state. General Thomas Jonathan Jackson said in a conversation with the father of one of his soldiers and I quote “being a christen man my first allegiance is to god, the second to my state; and every state has a claim to the fidelity of their citizen and may justly control that fidelity, if Virginia adheres to the Union then I adhere her determination must be mine, thou I love the Union I love Virginia More, that is my understanding of Patriotism” well stonewall I agree with you if America adheres to the union that I adhere and thou I love the union I love my country more. I think that the states should no longer rely on the central government and start taking care of our own infrastructure and our own people and defend them to the point of the Bayonet against oppression of a corrupt government.

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