Missing freshman returns home

follow link A freshman who unexpectedly boarded a plane for London Oct. 28 has safely returned to his family, the student’s parents said.


follow William Lamar, 18, had been missing for over a month when he contacted the US Embassy in London Tuesday morning and told them he wanted to go home, Lamar’s parents, Bruce and Mary Anne, wrote in an e-mail. Lamar boarded a flight for the US and was reunited with his family Tuesday evening.


بيع الأسهم Northeastern Public Safety had been working with the FBI, Interpol and the US embassies throughout Europe during their search for Lamar. He first made an effort to contact his family during Thanksgiving week, Lamar’s father said, and finally made the effort to come home Tuesday.


enter The Lamars’ said they have notified Northeastern about William’s return and appreciated all the support they received from the university. “[President Richard Freeland] was delighted to hear the good news about William’s return,” they wrote. “Many individuals at Northeastern University have assisted us during William’s absence and we very much appreciate the all the support we have received from the entire Northeastern University community.”


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