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follow link Kariotis Hall slated for summer renovations, new chairs Plans for the renovation of Kariotis Hall are now underway and scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer, said Student Government Association Vice President for Student Services Rogan O’Handley. The work is estimated to cost $137,000 and will include new carpeting, tables and chairs throughout the building. “It’s definitely a big win for the students,” O’Handley said. Each room will lose an average of three to five chairs, he said. Last month, O’Handley and Sen. Michael Naughton met with James Brand, director of space planning and analysis, who gave permission for the renovation to be done. “[Brand] was a huge help in this matter and he really listened to what the students had to say,” O’Handley said. تداول اسهم اسمنت الجوف CUP welcomes input on Springfest, spring agenda The Council for University Programs (CUP) is having its first meeting of the semester tonight at 7:30 p.m. in 442 Curry Student Center. This is CUP’s first time holding a “Roll-Out Meeting” to encourage new members to attend without feeling they have missed a step of the CUP planning process. With its biggest events like the Battle of the Bands in February and Springfest still to come, the CUP agenda is far from over. “We want to get new people involved with CUP. We are promoting and encouraging input about Springfest because the bigger the committee, the more we can get done and the more diverse we can make the events,” said CUP President Amanda Zoglio. The Springfest committee is still in its planning process and is now looking for a new headliner since CUP’s first pick, the Black Eyed Peas, will be unavailable during Springfest. “We have a lot of bands in mind, and a lot of different people with completely different music tastes,” Zoglio said. “We want input from everybody and hopefully we can come up with a great week of events and a great concert.”

مواقع فوركس معتمدة BRC allocates funds for ‘Take Back the Night’ The Delta Phi Epsilon sorority was allocated $2,871 by the Budget Review Committee (BRC) Jan. 12 for its sixth annual “Take Back the Night” event, an international program designed to expand public awareness of sexual assault and rape. At the same meeting, the American Institute of Architecture Students was allocated $1,510 for a design portfolio workshop. The Arab Student Association was also allocated $1,815 for its “Sahra,” an evening of music and entertainment. The organization’s original request for $2,766 was not approved in full because the BRC said providing food would enhance the event, but would not be central to its purpose.

jobba hemifrån ekonom ‘Husky Leadership’ award winners announced The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs announced Dec. 16 that it has selected six students and six campus organizations to receive “Husky Leadership Awards” in recognition of the overall commitment they have made to the university. “These students and the student organizations we’re honoring have greatly enhanced the quality of the Northeastern experience,” Vice President for Student Affairs Ed Klotzbier said in a statement. The individual student winners for the 2005 fall semester were: Homecoming Chair Tom Kneafsey; Resident Student Association Vice President for Finance Christina O’Sullivan; Tabitha Bennet, an unofficial student liaison in Mission Hill; Senior Fellow for the Scholarship for Service Program Mistie Connor; President and Director of the Northeastern Chapter of Strong Women, Strong Girls Stephanie Musso; and Marilyn Sitoris, building manager of the Curry Student Center.

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