New tip book offers more than coffee-table laughs

New tip book offers more than coffee-table laughs A cup of coffee may never have been considered the best way to get one’s sexual motor running. That is, until now.

كتب عن خيار ثنائي Even the most experienced and outstanding sexual partner will have learned new tricks and health tips after reading “Satisfaction Guaranteed: The 350 Best Sex Tips Ever,” a new book by Lisa Sussman available at UrbanOutfitters. Sussman, a British author of “100 Things Women Should Know About Men” and “Sex in the City” (not to be confused with “Sex and the City”), may be looking to cash in on Candace Bushnell’s empire. طريقة شراء اسهم امريكية In the process, though, she’s written the supplement to the Kama Sutra that coffee-table book readers have always wanted.

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات دقيقة Unlike other popular sex books, this book includes smart tips on how to keep your body healthy through food, rest and sex. And, like Bushnell, it has time for fun along the way.

تداول الخيارات الثنائية نيوزيلندا Sussman’s main weapon is alliteration. Who needs a pretzel-pinned couple in a picture with such great phrases as “happy horizontal hula,” and “missionary monotony”?

محاكاة الفوركس To benefit one’s sexual health, Sussman pushes vitamin B and Zinc, saying that all foods that contain this vitamin and this mineral enhance the efficiency of the nervous system and “hence lead to better orgasms.” This woman thinks anything will lead to better orgasms.

source And there’s hope for those that cling to the notion that alcohol dulls the nervous system, making sex not only awkward, but a waste of time if the only goal is climax.

follow site According to the book’s 97th tip, half a glass of wine raises testosterone levels in the body and makes reactions more intense.

source link Sussman says that since sugar and caffeine increase the heart rate and give a surge of energy, they can make your body more responsive to whatever “nice things may be happening to it.” Dunkin Donuts is sure to want to cash in on this little tidbit.

أفضل استعراض إشارات التداول بالخيارات الثنائية In fact, according to another tip, too much relaxation can actually make it difficult to orgasm. Tip number 53 of the Orgasm Tips section says that just 15 minutes of consecutive sunlight signals your brain to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates everything from appetite to mood.

tips på arbete hemifrån When the chemical is released, it makes you happy.

source link Apparently, after sun exposure it makes it easier for you to orgasm.

go site As for straight-up sex tips, though, there’s quite a menu to choose from.

فتح حساب فوركس There are sensual sex tips, erotic sex tips, quickie sex tips and, of course, positioning-for-maximum pleasure tips.

تداول الاسهم البنك الاهلي Sussman rated each of the positions according to a star system that determines both difficulty and “orgasmic potential.”

The positions are described in such detail that a graphic mind will immediately identify with every twist-and-turn.

With such intricate moves, though, it can be confusing and difficult to put all this great advice into play. Eventually, something involving your right leg, left arm and ear (okay, maybe not the ear), all blend together.

Each tip is accompanied by a fun graphic, or cartoon drawing of a sexual position. This book is literally a magazine with a hard cover.

At times, it can read like those generic magazine articles (“Top 100 Tips to Make Him Hot” comes to mind).

For example, tip number 50 says, “Lay back and do

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