The CUP underfloweth

The CUP underfloweth

forex rate I’m pretty sure I have the Springfest selection down to a science. First and foremost, the Council for University Programs (CUP) wants a show that reflects Northeastern’s diverse population. I have no problem with that. In fact, I’d be pissed off if they chose a lineup of love-seeking bands like Fall Out Boy.

تداول سوق السعودي The other criterion is that the band has name-brand recognition. Straight up, this is a terrible idea.

follow site Last year, Mos Def was scheduled to be the headliner. I’ve been wondering, though. Was he picked for his music or his appearances on Chappelle’s Show? He’s certainly better than most of the garbage on MTV, but a lot of his success was because of Talib Kweli. Plus, he’s scheduled to appear in five movies in 2006. Maybe I’m crazy, but it sounds like he’s more of an actor than a rapper.

go site It’s hard to admit, but most established acts don’t want to play at Northeastern. The weather sucks, Matthews Arena sucks and most bands don’t like the anal security. Furthermore, acts know they’ll be paid regardless of the quality of their set. Therefore, they have little incentive to put on a good show. Method Man is a prime example of this.

سعر الذهب اليوم فى السعودية He wasn’t a Springfest performer, but he was hired by CUP for a concert in the fall. Talk about a waste of money. He performed for about a half hour, collected his loot and rolled out. Method Man didn’t care if we liked the show. He didn’t have a CD to promote. All he wanted was his paycheck.

follow link CUP, I’m not trying to player-hate. I honestly believe you try to produce the best show possible. Unfortunately, if you’re spending my money, I want to see results. I’m still waiting for them.

follow link I have an eerie feeling that the committee is going to try to make a big splash with a big name. They’ll scour MTV looking for some group that will put Northeastern on the map. Black Eyed Peas is my educated guess. I think they’re decent, too. Especially if I got a spot close enough to watch Fergie dance. Nevertheless, picking them wouldn’t be very intelligent.

source url Selecting the Black Eyed Peas would be like the Red Sox overpaying for that wet-noodle-armed center fielder. It might bring a little bit of temporary satisfaction, but is the content worth the price? Instead, CUP should collect pieces that aren’t vastly overvalued due to commercial success.

click The ultimate thing that bothers me is the fact students have no input in the process. Here’s what CUP Concert Chair Andy Sellars had to say in the Dec. 7 issue of the News.

go “If information on who is being discussed becomes public, we lose very serious ground in negotiations with artists. It is business standard that information is confidential until contracts are signed.”

click here That may be true, but it sure sounds like CUP doesn’t know how to negotiate. Any music agent with half a brain knows how much we have to spend. The Northeastern News reports it ($250,000) elsewhere in this issue of the newspaper. Any agent also knows Northeastern is desperate to land a big act. What I’m trying to say is CUP already has little bargaining power. Here’s what needs to be done. Do a poll on myNEU with 30 to 40 acts that fall within the price range. Keep the results private. Tabulate statistics on what bands guys want to see and which groups girls want to see. Run numbers on what different age demographics want to see. Then pick a few target bands.

here Instead of negotiating, make a nice offer and give the artists an ultimatum. Here’s what it might go like: “We’re offering your band a third of our allotment to play at Springfest. That’s $83,333. You’re not our only choice and if you choose to decline we have plenty of alternatives. Please don’t look for more money because we’re not offering it. We’d rather have a no-show than book your band for a price that’s far above market value. You have two days to make a decision.”

enter site Although that may seem a little harsh, it’s Bartering 101. I guarantee many groups would play for that much money. Also, there should be a “Mos Def clause.”

go here If an artist backs out, he or she owes NU some dough. Northeastern dreams of making the Top 100 but they sure aren’t acting like it. Top 100 schools don’t let acts back out without repercussions.

Two years from now, I want to be able to wax nostalgic about how great of a show Springfest was. I want to be able to say I saw so-and-so before they hit the big time. What I don’t want to say is that I saw a band six years past their prime. I want to feel comfortable that the money was spent well. CUP, make me proud.

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