Young band channels the classics

Young band channels the classics

By Megan Jicha

Five musicians from Philadelphia are hoping to bring a little class to the rock music of today with their band, Roselind.

“We wouldn’t say our CD has a new sound that has never been done before,” drummer Brian Vinikoor said. “We are just trying to bring back the classic rock ‘n’ roll sound that isn’t around right now.”

Vinikoor, a freshman music industry major, is joined by Tommy Mosca (lead guitar and background vocals) and Scott Cumpstone (rhythm guitar and background vocals).

The other two members, Andy Laub (bass and songwriter) and Josh O’Neill (lead vocals, guitar and songwriter), attend college at Emerson and Montaco Community College in Pennsylvania, respectively.

Roselind’s self-titled CD, which was influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Bon Jovi, contains tracks written by the five members. They spent this past summer in the studio working with a producer to put out the album, Vinikoor said.

“This summer was a lot of hard work but it was worth it when the CD was complete,” Mosca said.

Although they are relatively new to the college scene, the Northeastern members seem to be getting used to life in Boston.

“It’s been pretty easy adjusting to the college life,” Cumpstone said. “I went to school for the first semester in Pennsylvania so I got real used to the academic perspective of it and it took me no time to get used to living up here. There are a lot of good people so it’s been an awesome transition.”

However, the band has struggled with getting everyone together to practice, Vinikoor said.

He hopes O’Neill will be coming to Boston soon so they have an easier time getting together.

Roselind’s members have accomplished many things at their young age, including performing at Grape Street Philadelphia and the Commerce Bank Amphitheater in Pennsylvania. The band also received recognition from VH1 and Paramount Entertainment when they were chosen as part of the top five for a nationwide songwriting contest for bands under the age of 18.

“I wouldn’t say there is really any fame,” Cumpstone said. “As for the fans, I think it’s pretty awesome. What I’ve learned is people like to be included in things. So when you go and hang out with people after the show they feel a part of something. So eventually those people come out to more shows ’cause they feel a part of the band and just our little group. It’s an awesome thing.”

Although half the band has been together since the eighth grade, it wasn’t until the beginning of this past summer the group merged to what it is today, Mosca said.

They performed their first Boston show two weeks ago at afterHOURS to a crowd of 193 people, who chanted for an encore.

“Even though I don’t normally listen to their type of music, I was in awe after their performance,” said Sangnya Thaker, a freshman pharmacy major. “Every song was amazing.”

The performance also helped the freshman band members meet new people.

“The show up here also was a great introduction to everyone,” Cumpstone said. “I barely knew anyone that came out to the show but by the next day I met a lot of them.”

Currently, Roselind is setting up a summer tour which hopes to feature performances at different venues along the East coast. However, there are no dates for upcoming shows. Eventually, they hope to get a record deal and tour the world, Mosca said.

“We just hope to ride the wave of this rebirth of classic rock ‘n’ roll,” Cumpstone said.

Roselind’s music can be purchased at the Web site www. or Vinikoor at [email protected]

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