Athlete auction raises money for charity

Athlete auction raises money for charity

By Erika Carrubba

Freshman hockey player Ryan Clauson stripped down to his tighty-whiteys, poured a bottle of water on his head and danced across the Cabot Gymnasium floor to Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy,” proving for the second consecutive year that the men’s hockey team has no shame.

Although last year’s performance by junior hockey player Brian Deeth at the Student-Athlete Date auction – who revealed to the crowd his sweat pants with the back cut out and the words “win me” written on his exposed rear end – may have been tough to upstage, it seems Clauson did the trick.

The freshman hockey player and self-declared “sex machine who reigns supreme” raised $75 Monday night for the Massachusetts Special Olympics at the fourth annual event, held by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

“We raised money for this cause last year with the sale of wristbands and we just decided to give to them again,” said Logan Hamilton, an academic coordinator and counselor in Student Athlete Support Services. “We like this charity because it is athletes giving to athletes.”

The Hawaiian-themed event auctioned off 21 athletes and was emceed by assistant baseball coach Greg Dicenzo and Assistant Director of the Husky Athletics Club Bianca Whitworth.

“We chose the theme because [the auction] was originally scheduled for last weekend after the women’s basketball game and it was an easy theme to set up quickly,” Hamilton said. “The snowstorm forced us to change [the date], but we kept the theme.”

The event raised $1,191, a minor drop from last year’s $1,271.20.

“What can I say? Northeastern athletes are cheap,” Hamilton said. “I guess we are going to have to raise admission next year. Also, last year we doubled our money because the school matched it for Tsunami Relief. They didn’t do that this year.”

Freshman volleyball player Sarah Stein was the last to get auctioned off and raised the most money, $150. Freshman hockey player Matti Uusivirta made the winning bid on Stein.

“I was hoping to make at least $20,” Stein said. “That was so embarrassing, but Matti kept bidding.”

Colleen Duffy and Bonnie Shea of the field hockey team were auctioned off together and pulled $90 sophomore baseball player Mike Lyon.

Other big earners included women’s hockey player Ali Bielawski ($55), swimmer Tara Thompson ($50), women’s soccer player Kelsey O’Rourke ($45) and men’s basketball player Aaron Davis ($30).

The men’s basketball team listed Davis as a secret on the event program.

“We kept it a secret for fun,” said teammate Bobby Kelly, a junior guard. “We had a shootout in practice and the loser was the person being auctioned off.”

Other teams used volunteers or chose to have the freshmen auctioned off.

“I did it last year as a freshman so this year we volunteered Sarah [Stein] and Dayna [King] because they are freshmen,” sophomore volleyball player Kira Batura said.

King raised $30 and will accompany her date to the movies.

Other athletes and their dates will have dinner at local restaurants like Vinny T’s, Conor Larkin’s, Applebee’s and Symphony Sushi.

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