Column: Cheap drinks, priceless fun

Column: Cheap drinks, priceless fun

Warning: This column has an NU-21 rating.

For the first time, my column will only be helpful to those born in the year 1984 and before. But don’t let that stop you from reading on. For those still under the much-anticipated age, it’s never too early to start planning!

It’s hard to imagine I will actually be turning 23 this year – young by our parents’ standards, old by college standards and ancient by children’s standards. Gone are the days when parties were the main source of entertainment on Thursdays through Sundays (or days ending in “Y”).

I miss the days of actually having money in my wallet. I miss not paying $10 just to enter the place where fun is supposedly happening (and oftentimes not). Oh, how I miss the good old days.

When you go out today, fun is not also guaranteed but spending money is – whether you plan to or not. It’s something you may not always be aware of but it doesn’t make it any less real when you wake up the next day, reasoning with yourself that your money must have been stolen since you do not remember how it was spent.

With the amount of places to go out in Boston, you may be able to narrow your search by choosing the places with an inexpensive or nonexistent cover charge, short lines, cheap food and drinks or where you enjoy the music. Finding a place with all four of those may seem next to impossible in a city of professionals and 20-somethings who are willing to fork over a pretty penny in exchange for some fun.

But come on, we’re college students, which is exactly why I have found the perfect place for our age group and demographic (is being cheap a demographic?). Another reason the place is just the thing you and other college students are looking for is because the night you need to go is during the week, on Wednesdays.

Before college, you never went out except on weekends, and after college you probably won’t either. But for right now going out on days during the week is no cause for question.

The place is a bar called The Tap, in Faneuil Hall, which can be reached by either the Government Center or the Haymarket T-stop from the Green and Orange lines. Whether you’ve been there before on a weekend, you really haven’t been there until you’ve visited it on a Wednesday.

More than likely, there will be no line or cover, but what makes this night special is a guy named Bruce Jacques. Bruce, who is Wednesday’s musical entertainment, is just what college students have been looking for. While the bar scene may make you yearn for the old days where parties were the thing, Bruce somehow mixes the two for a perfect night-out combo.

Armed with his guitar, Bruce serenades anyone and everyone by making his way around the bar with songs that are nearly impossible not to sing along to. In fact, don’t even try to resist. His singing of hits from past decades up until today is contagious and much more fun than karaoke because you never sing along.

From Billy Joel to Bon Jovi to Britney Spears, Bruce sings a combination of good rock songs to what are sure to be some of your guilty pleasures.

Watch out though, because Bruce is known for turning himself into whichever singer he is impersonating at the time, from outfits to hair.

He brings back Madonna’s songs from when they were actually good by taking off his t-shirt and replacing it with a cone bra and a blond wig. When he plays the Black Eyed Peas song “My Humps,” he attaches a huge plastic booty to himself.

But don’t assume his act is beneath you. Bruce, who has a couple of his own albums out, has a good enough voice he can pull off almost every song he sings and if he thinks you’re beginning to look like you’re not enjoying yourself, he is sure to notice and change that immediately.

According to his Web site, his music career began in 1977 when he first became involved with different bands. Since then he’s been a regular at The Tap as well as other bars, parties, colleges, ski resorts or wherever else needed. Just be careful – Bruce tends to keep a camera out so he can catch all his fans singing along with him, so easy on the drinks if you don’t want your face to be posted on his Web site, because it will be.

But don’t just take my word for it. In the words of Bruce himself, he’ll be performing there every Wednesday night “for the rest of your lives.”

And I hope he’s right.

– Emily Unsworth can be reached at [email protected]

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