Column: Eating up Spring Break ’06

Column: Eating up Spring Break ’06

Looking back on my senior year in high school during my college decision-making process, I realize now that I had no idea how different Northeastern really was from other colleges. I didn’t go here primarily for the co-op program, although after taking part in it. I am so thankful I chose this school.

The only real difference I remember knowing about back then was I might not be able to have summers off after my freshman year. At the time, knowing all my friends would be back home every summer, while I would be suffering through summer classes, was a scary thought.

After actually being a Northeastern student for a while, it’s hard not to pick up on the other differences. A major one is another result of the co-op program: Friends and roommates may not be on the same co-op and class schedule as you, or may choose to co-op in another city, leaving you in sometimes-complicated rooming situations that wouldn’t occur at other schools.

At this time of year, yet another difference becomes quickly apparent. This difference is rehashed every time friends from other schools forget that co-op is a real job and ask you over and over what your Spring Break plans are. You know those friends. You’ve reminded them time and time again co-op doesn’t allow you a Spring Break, but they ask anyway, making it more painful each time you hear the dreaded question.

For those of you keeping up your annual Spring Break countdown, here it is: two days. Although it is hard to sense my tone while reading these words, I hope you can sense my excitement. No, really I am happy for you students fortunate enough to take part in this college tradition. I’m not bitter, I swear.

During this time that should more appropriately be titled “Winter Break (Again),” the campus becomes much less crowded, especially with all the freshmen gone. Before you know it, your friends are all coming back relaxed and tan, sharing stories about their spring adventures. Sounds like a good time. For those of you also taking part in Spring Break: Boston this year, chin up! I have found one Boston event that may help you turn that working frown upside down.

For the first time ever, the city of Boston is holding a five-day event called Boston Restaurant Week Winter 2006. Although it has been held previously during the summer, this year’s event is March 5 to March 10, landing itself smack dab in the middle of our Spring Break.

The deal with the restaurant week is simple – More than 90 of Boston’s finest restaurants have decided to give you a chance to try their food, which otherwise may not be conducive to the college budget. The cost to eat at any of these restaurants is only $20.06 for lunch and $30.06 for dinner, and they are really making sure we get the most bang for our buck. Each meal consists of three courses of a prix fixe menu, and most restaurants offer both lunch and dinner. In order to take part in as many of these restaurant bargains as you want, make reservations online at their Web sites. A handful of restaurants are already sold out, so get reserving.

Participating restaurants are located in areas of Boston including Back Bay, West Roxbury, the North and South Ends, Charlestown, Beacon Hill, Downtown, the Waterfront, Cambridge, the Fenway/Kenmore area and even a few outside of Boston. Some restaurants participating include Davio’s, the Oak Room at Fairmont Copley Hotel, Mantra, the Armani Caf

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