Column: Long live the sleazebag

Column: Long live the sleazebag

Sleazebag n., a sordid, despicable person, esp. one considered morally reprehensible; also attrib. or as adj. (Oxford English Dictionary)

Mark your calendars and break out your history books: It seems February 2006 is the month of sleazebags. Wild men of stage, screen and song are making the most of this short month by crying poverty, videotaping their tour bus trysts and wife swapping. So, keep a close eye on your babydaddy, check yourself for crabs and secure your wallet before looking over this dossier of douchebags.

Name: Nick Lachey

Known for: Fronting the boy band 98 Degrees; marrying Jessica Simpson

Sleazefactor: It seems “gold digger” isn’t a term reserved for the ladies anymore. After making a career, or at least attempting to maintain one, by marrying blonde bombshell and chronic ditz Jessica Simpson, Lachey still feels she owes him more. In papers filed Feb. 17, Lachey sought spousal support from the “Dukes of Hazzard” star, who earned over $30 million last year. Lachey, who hasn’t technically done anything artistic or otherwise since the collapse of 98 Degrees, remained a household name thanks to the MTV show he and Simpson shared. Though it’s obvious the honeymoon may be over for these “Newlyweds,” there’s no need to get catty now. As far as I see it, Simpson’s been supporting him for three years now. The free ride is over, Nick, take some lessons from your equally D-list brother Drew, and try your luck on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Names: Kid Rock and Scott Stapp (or KidStapp, if you will)

Known for: Making crappy rock music for much, much too long

Sleazefactor: Rock, who has built a career around his sleaziness, and former Creed frontman Scott Stapp are taking a page from the rock ‘n’ roll history books

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