Column: Team hits 10 percent but needs miracle weekends

Column: Team hits 10 percent but needs miracle weekends

“When I coached professionally for 80 games at a time you could always point back to 10 percent of your games where you’d just get lucky. Sometimes a win is just pure luck. In 25 games, we haven’t had that 10 percent luck yet,” – men’s hockey coach Greg Cronin before the Beanpot. (“Luck must change at some point for Huskies,” Feb. 6)

Looks like that 10 percent of luck coach Greg Cronin was talking about is finally starting to take effect for the Northeastern men’s hockey team.

Or maybe the Huskies – winners of two of their last four games after a 1-19-6 start – are just starting to play better with the Beanpot pressure behind them. But now with three wins in 30 games, that at-least-10 percent winning mark is finally in effect.

Either way, until the UMass-es (Amherst and Lowell) began to follow suit later this weekend, NU looked poised to catch up to one of the two in the standings for that pivotal eighth-and-final Hockey East Tournament spot. And with 12 points, the Huskies are still only six points behind both teams and have exactly four league games left to surpass that total.

What’s more, half of the remaining games are made up of a home-and-home series with UMass- Amherst Friday and Saturday, the first of which will be held at Matthews Arena. Suffice it to say, this is the last and most desperate of make-or-break weekends for Northeastern. The Huskies need to win, and they absolutely need to win twice. For another illustrative clich

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